Here are the patch notes for Modern Warships November update (v0.56), also known as Hidden Threat. The patch notes are provided as a courtesy of the developer.

If you are looking for a list of new game items along with a brief description, check out our other article about the update!

Alpha 0.56 patch notes

🚒 – Added FFG Swordship (T3) (Battle Pass), loadout:

1) Missile 1×1
2) Missile 1×1
3) Coilgun that can fire at aircraft (locked slot)
4) Torpedo 1×1
5) Torpedo 1×1
6) Rocket launcher 1×1 (locked slot)
7) Helicopter

🚒 – Added USS Massachusetts (BB-1012) (gold), loadout:

1) Missile 1×3
2) Torpedo 1×2
3) Railgun 1×2
4) RBU-B100 1×1
5) Autocannon 1×3
6) Excalibur anti-aircraft laser (locked slot)
7) Helicopter

🚒 – Added aircraft carrier USS America (LHA-6) (T3) (free), loadout:

1) Strike Fighter 1×1
2) Drone 1×1
3) Drone 1×1
4) Helicopter 1×2
5) Autocannon 1×3
7) Anti-air 1×3
8) Anti-air 1×3

🚒 – Added USS Kidd (DDG-993) (T2) (free), loadout:

1) Missile 1×1
2) Cannon 1×2
3) Torpedo 1×1
4) Anti-air 1×2
5) Anti-air 1×2
6) Helicopter

🚒 – Added HMS Trent (P224) (T1) (free), loadout:

1) Missile 1×2
2) Autocannon 1×1
3) Helicopter

Added fast attack craft S41 Tiger (Type 148) (T1) (free), loadout:

1) Missile 1×1
2) Cannon 1×1
3) Autocannon 1×1

Added MQ-20 unmanned aircraft (T3) (Battle Pass), armament:

1) Brimstone missile 1×2
2) MSGM Nemesis stealth missile 1×2
3) X-51 missile with manual control 1×1
4) GBU-16 bomb 1×2

Added the unique πŸ”₯ Infernal camo πŸ”₯ for RF Project 2145. This marks the beginning of our effort to provide more high-end customization options.

Added Excalibur anti-air laser (T3)

Added MK-26 anti-air missile (T2)

Helicopter Ka-27 loadout change: cannon replaced with rockets to match real life specs

Game mechanics:

  • Squadron players are now matched only against other squadrons, as a separate game mode. This was done because of a widespread discontent with the balance.
  • Account registration window has been redesigned. Password strength indication added. User consent dialog moved to the signup step. A new flow specific to South Korea was introduced to match regulations there.


  • Improved airplane user interface. Horizon bar added. The HUD itself is now projected in front of the aircraft.
  • Overhauled camera position for all aircraft carriers. The new angle looks better in battle.
  • Added marker lights with different colors for MQ-20 and AH-64 Apache. (more units will make use of them in the future)
  • Bubble effect added for torpedoes and submarine propellers.
  • New sea bottom textures.


  • Projectile effects optimized for a smoother battle experience.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed missing loading indication during registration by e-mail.
  • Disallowed new account passwords that contain only whitespaces.
  • Fixed the situation when more than 3 aircraft could be present in a squad.
  • The blacklist now shows the updated names of the players.
  • Fixed wrong ship type displayed on the radar when using RF Project 2145.
  • Fixed RF Yuriy Dolgorukiy missile shafts not opening fully visually.
  • Corrected the amount of bombers in aircraft carrier descriptions.
  • Fixed the bug when upgrading Type 004 anti-air would hide the name of the weapon.
  • Fixed the crash when one attempted to sign in with Facebook more than once.
  • Fixed minor mistakes in several localizations.
  • Fixed the voice over announcing the wrong steering direction. (“turn left” when it should be “right”)
  • Corrected the loading screen inside inbox menu.

Tank mode:

  • We are shifting our focus towards the tank mode, which is frankly a gargantuan task. But more and more developers are getting involved, as we know we are expected to deliver something special. So stay tuned.

Balance changes

❗ Modern Warships balance changes. Update [0.56.1] ❗

  • These changes will take effect with the next game update.


  • USS District of Columbia: maneuverability buff (+0.5)
  • IT DDX: health buff (+10k in stock)

Ship Equipment

  • VLWT torpedo: fire range buff (+1km)
  • Sovraponte 76/62 [IT DDX]: fire range buff (+1km) / accuracy buff
  • Erlik-2050 cannon: activated automatic firing / ricochet turned off
  • H/JJ30-8-300 launcher: improved accuracy and reloading / damage nerf from 4400 to 4000
  • Zircon missile: damage buff (+1000)
  • RUM-139 missile (Swarmer): damage buff (+500)
  • BA-111 Shkval torpedo: damage buff (+1000)
  • EMRG railgun: damage buff from 4650 to 5000 (stock) / decreased fire delay
  • Koalitsiya cannon: accuracy buff
  • Missouri 406mm cannon: damage buff from 9300 to 10000 (per 1 projectile)
  • TMF-155 cannon: decreased reload (-0.3 sec in stock)
  • Bofors 57 Stealth cannon: damage nerf from 910 to 850 / increased reload from 2.2 to 2.6 sec
  • Melara Rapid cannon: increased projectile speed / damage buff from 520 to 560 (per 1 projectile in stock)
  • Korkut-D cannon: damage buff from 715 to 750 (per 1 projectile in stock)

Aircrafts & Weapons

  • JSM missile [F3]: damage buff from 9k to 12 / decreased missile launches from 4 to 3
  • Aicraft Kinzhal missile [SU-75]: damage buff from 17500 to 20000
  • ZPT-99 cannon [J25 / J35]: damage buff from 800 to 1000 (per 1 projectile)
  • Boomstick missile [KillSwitch]: damage buff from 4000 to 4500 (per 1 missile)
  • Twister missile [KillSwitch]: damage buff from 3500 to 4000 (per 1 missile)
  • Killswitch: health buff from 5640 to 6000
  • Aircraft X35 missile [SU-57B / PAK-DA / C-70]: damage buff from 8500 to 9000
  • XIAN H-20 bomber: afterburner speed buff from 37 to 40 knots / health buff from 13500 to 15000 (stock)
  • AGM-158 missile [X-47B / F-35]: damage buff from 12700 to 15000
  • Strike Fighters & Fighters: radar range decresed from 13 km to 7 km in stock [TEST MODE]

All Fighters

  • air-to-air missiles: damage buff / raised reloading time a little / accuracy buff
  • cooldown: increased from 30 to 35 seconds

Helicopter & Weapons

  • 2A42 cannon [KA-52]: damage buff from 450 to 550 (per 1 projectile)
  • All Helicopters: radar range decresed from 13 km to 9-10 km in stock [TEST MODE]

Update 0.56.1 patch notes

  • Added a new aircraft gun sight for all aircraft.
  • Fixed blurry icons on some new weapons.
  • Fixed multiple visual interface bugs in combat.
  • Fixed a voiceover that kept playing after a ship died.
  • Fixed a bug with the “enemy aircraft destroyed” voiceover on the destruction of an allied aircraft.
  • Dimensional lights appeared on some types of aircraft (F3, AH64EB2C, AH64E, KAMOV-XX, FCAS, Tempest, Rafale, Xian H-6)
  • Swordship Railgun – effects and sounds of weapons have been reworked
  • Swordship Launcher – improved Missile guidance system
  • Type 2030 – improved tracer effects (we need more tracers! πŸ™‚
  • Battle Pass offer image is now displayed accurately by seasons (previously it was always new, even if an old Battle Pass was still active)
  • Uploaded all necessary localizations of new items.

Update 0.56.2 patch notes

  • B-100 grenade launcher and MJ-L-12 cannon on the USS Massachusetts have been improved and corrected for damage. We have also updated textures on the ship.
  • Fixed black bars in the purchase offer view with the Project 2145 ship.
  • Added new Gauss ring effect on the Swordship cannon.
  • Fixed laser and cannon air defense damage on missiles (used to be completely broken).
  • Fixed nickname display in the “Custom game” window when player name was too long.
  • Fixed display of gunshot effects.
  • Other minor fixes.

The iOS update has also been uploaded, we are awaiting approval from Apple.

MQ-20 Avenger balance changes

  • Health buff from 13000 to 14000
  • Maneuverability increased from 90 to 95
  • MSGM Nemesis: damage buff from 6000 to 8000
  • Aircraft X51: damage buff from 26000 to 30000 / reloading time decreased from 14 to 13 seconds

Type 2030 balance changes

Type2030 fix:

  • damage buff (+5 per projectile)
  • reload decreased from 5 to 4 sec
  • increased ammo from 175 to 200