What’s new in Modern Warships February update?
After a big batch of Chinese ships and weapons in the January update, the Modern Warships February update features new items from Japan, the land of the rising sun.
Statement regarding recent allegations in the Modern Warships community
We’ve recently heard allegations of disturbing behavior by moderators appointed by Artstorm, the developers of Modern Warships. These reports of inappropriate behavior are highly concerning.
Hidden changes in January update: ship and module rarity and EC-665 Tiger weapons
Modern Warships January update contains several undocumented changes. The most apparent one is that the rarity of several ships in the game has been changed. Here’s a list of all the rarity changes.
Modern Warships January update: new items added on MW Stats
Timed for the Chinese new year, update 0.60 "New Year" brings many new ships, aircraft, and weapons from the People's Republic.
Modern Warships December update patch notes
Here are the patch notes for Modern Warships December update (v0.58), also known as Terra Uncharted. The patch notes and images are provided as a courtesy of the developer.
What’s new in Modern Warships December update?
The December update, also called Terra Uncharted, has version number 0.58.0. The update features a new Chinese voiceover option, in addition to the existing English, Russian and Japanese voices.
What missile should you use? SCALP, DF-17, or something else? Legendary and Epic missiles compared
In Modern Warships, the Legendary and Epic missiles at tier III are some of the most powerful weapons in the game. So, what there the advantages and downsides of each missile? And which one should...
USS Massachusetts and USS Zumwalt side-by-side on the map Unexplored Rocks
USS Massachusetts (BB-1012) cruiser review
Developers must have taken our demand for more gold ships very seriously, judging by the fact that they released a 30 000 gold ship in the November update, the USS Massachusetts. Yay! So, is the...
Modern Warships November update patch notes
Here are the patch notes for Modern Warships November update (v0.56), also known as Hidden Threat. The patch notes are provided as a courtesy of the developer.
What’s new in the Modern Warships November update? Latest game items available on MW Stats
While the Modern Warships November update (v0.56), also known as Hidden Threat, doesn't add many new features to the game, it is packed with new ships, weapons, and a new drone for players to...
Map changes in Modern Warships 0.55
The Modern Warships October update brings many changes to six maps featured in the game. The reworked maps feature added cover and updated spawn points. This will hopefully reduce cases where you...
The RF Project 2145 destroyer in the map Lost City
RF Project 2145 destroyer review
With the October update came many new additions to the game, however, one of the more demanded ones was definitely the new gold ship, RF Project 2145.
Modern Warships October update: MW Stats has been updated with the latest data
The October update Spirit of Columbia for Modern Warships (v0.55) brings a new voiceover and updates to map geometry and spawn points in the game. In addition to this, there are plenty of new...
Modern Warships September update: new items added on the site
In addition to the new Frank Klepacki soundtrack and upgraded water graphics, the new Modern Warships September update Dashing Blaze (v0.54.0) also features a bunch of new ships, weapons, and...
USS DDG(X) destroyer review
USS DDG(X) is, at the time of writing this article, a newly released ship. This means not many people have it yet and many people are wondering if they should buy it or just go for Lider. So I had...
RF Lider destroyer review (Project 23560)
RF Lider is one of those ships I’d recommend to anyone. No matter their playstyle or which type of ship they prefer, they will do well with Lider. It is the law. 
RF TARK Pyotr Velikiy cruiser review
I bet someone told you to buy Pyotr Velikiy in the past. It’s unavoidable. Pyotr is not only a meta ship, but also widely considered to be the best ship in the whole game. And in this article, I...
Gold farming guide: methods and tips for maximizing your gold earnings
This article will focus on ways to earn gold in Modern Warships using active, not passive (AFK) grinding. I will focus on the methods you can use to get the most gold per match.
Su-57-B Felon strike fighters on the Storm map
Dollar farming guide: three ways to get money fast in Modern Warships
In this article, we will look at three reliable tactics you can use to maximize your dollar earnings. Please note that this article is not newcomer friendly. These are tactics for people with...
First impressions: Modern Warships 0.51.0 alpha (the market update)
Another month, another big update. This time we are taking look at what's coming to Modern Warships in July. The focus of this update is definitely the market function, although there are some...
CN Type 100 submarine review
So… you've been eyeing that fat Chinese submarine for quite a while now, but you're undecided about whether or not to save up/buy it. I mean, it is 18k gold after all, isn't it? Well, to help you...
Modern Warships air defence guide: different AA types explained
So, you just bought your first tier II ship and you're not sure which AA defense to use on it. To avoid making an investment you might regret later, I will explain the advantages, disadvantages,...
USS CG(X)-21 cruiser review
So you just reached level 25 and you can't decide whether or not to buy the USS CG(X)-21. I mean, it definitely looks good at first glance, judging by the equipment.
Which assault carrier should you pick? RF Shtorm, USS Enterprise (CVN-80), and CN Type 004 compared
Assault carriers are the most expensive ships in the game, and the most powerful carriers. The main difference comes in their special aircraft slot; the bomber. But how do they compare to each...
Modern Warships beginner’s guide: useful tips for new players
Modern Warships might seem like a simple game at first but it features a number of surprisingly complicated mechanics. In this article, I will share a few tips that new players will likely find...
CHAMP missile review
CHAMP stands for Counter-electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project. It's a type of missile developed by the United States that is capable of flying over enemy terrain and using an...
Yamato vs Missouri. Which battleship should you get?
Since battleships are the largest and most imposing warships on the seas, many people are eager to get their hands on one of them. There are two battleships in Modern Warships, USS Missouri (BB-63)...