Modern Warships June 2024 (v80) is named Golden Horizon. This new patch brings many improvements to the game, along with new ships, weapons, and aircraft from Japan. You can find everything new in this article.

Balance changes

This update brings a new set of balance changes. Many ships and aircraft have seen stat buffs and improvements to their locked weapons. The most drastic difference has to be YJ-21. Instead of a spam missile with short reload and low damage, the missile now takes twice as long to reload but features much-improved burst damage. You can check the changelog released by the developers for more details.

New and updated maps

Arid Frontier

This map was previously part of the Defiance of Sands event, available in the escort game mode. However, it has now been added to the general map pool and it is available in the team deathmatch game mode.

This desert-themed map features tall cliffs that provide plenty of cover to hide from enemy ships. Despite the abundance of cover, the map also features plenty of open space for missile and gun duels.

Check the MW Stats maps page for the map layout and spawn point information.

Lost City

The Lost City map was redesigned again. It still features its trademark sunken, destroyable buildings and the tornado. However, it has lost its signature orange-yellow lighting. The map now features a more neutral color scheme. The map has been simplified with fewer islands and a less complex layout overall. It should now feature faster and more intense battles with less hiding and obstructions. You can find a comparison of the old and new maps below

Old layout

New layout

For complete information, see our maps section


In the previous update, the Storm map was removed from the offline map pool. In the latest version, the map has been added back with modifications. New oil rigs have been added to provide additional cover. When destroyed, the oil rigs will blown up in a fiery explosion and catch fire.

Upgrade with 100 points

A very useful quality of life update has been added. Now in addition to spending one or 10 upgrade points, you can spend 100 upgrade points to upgrade a ship or a weapon. Because the last upgrade tiers have a very low upgrade chance, this new feature will make upgrading your gear to max status much faster.

P-500 Bazalt

The image used in the equipment carousel was updated to match the in-game model. Previously this weapon used the same sprite as P-800 Onyx.

Old image

New image


JS Akizuki (DD-115)

JS Akizuki is the latest Japanese destroyer added to tier III. This ship features typical destroyer stats and modules with an extra focus on anti-submarine warfare given its great sonar range and exclusive M-270A2 MLRS grenade launcher.

This weapon works similarly to M270 MLRS which was a recent gacha reward. It needs a lock-on but can destroy both surface and underwater targets. The projectile guidance improves hit probability. Since this is a one-slot weapon, it features higher damage compared to the freely changeable version (as most ships have three GL slots).

Two torpedoes reinforce the anti-submarine role and the total 4 missile slots provide plenty of firepower against surface threats. Two slots are by default equipped with the new Type 17 SSM missile, also available in the store. Finally, three AA modules and two locked RIM-161 Block IIB systems provide okay protection against enemy air threats.

Despite the anti-sub role, the ship does not feature any traditional grenade launchers. This can leave the ship vulnerable to torpedo volleys launched from enemy submarines or surface ships. The Akizuki is the final reward in the June Battle Pass and can therefore be obtained for free.

JS Takanami (DD-110)

This Japanese ship joins JS Kurama (DDH-144) in tier II. While Kurama is a destroyer focused on cannons and grenade launchers and does not have missiles, the Takanami is more of a general-purpose ship. Its three missiles provide sufficient firepower, it has one slot with the new Type 73 torpedo and four AA systems which protect against enemy planes. However, there are no autocannons or grenade launchers. Overall, the Takanami is a well-balanced ship with a good mix of firepower against enemy ships and aircraft. This ship can be purchased on the in-game shop using gold.



The Kawasaki P-1 is a maritime patrol aircraft that acts as a bomber in the game. It is armed with hypersonic missiles, anti-ship missiles, and ASW weapons. This is a VIP Battle Pass item.

OH-1 Ninja

This month’s Battle Pass also includes the OH-1 Ninja helicopter, which can target underwater submarines with its rapid-firing grenade launcher. However, its overall firepower isn’t the best. It is VIP Pass item.

F-2 Super Kai

An improved version of the Tier II F-2A strike fighter. Instead of external fuel tanks, this variant features conformal fuel tanks integrated into the aircraft fuselage. This strike fighter has a limited amount of weapon slots but because it has so many hardpoints it can launch devastating missile swarm attacks. This is VIP Battle Pass item.


Type 93 Kin SAM

New Japanese SAM system. It works similarly to last month’s RIM-162D as it fires two missiles in a quick succession. However, it has slightly improved range and reload speed but the projectile speed is not as as high. Premium Battle Pass reward.

Type 17 SSM

This missile system is a great alternative to ATMACA. It fires two missiles at the same time and features comfortable speed and decent missile health. The only downside is the somewhat long target acquisition time. Best of all, this item can be purchased in the in-game shop using gold.

Type 90 SSM-1B

This Tier II missile is mounted on the new JS Takanami but it can also be purchased in the shop. The missile is characterized by its good top speed. However, it takes a while to reach this due to its low initial speed.

Type 73 (324 mm)

Japanese torpedo in tier II. It features decent damage combined with average reload speed. Like the Type 90 SSM-1B, this weapon can be found on the JS Takanami but it can be also purchased in the in-game store.


Neon Sunset

This camouflage pattern is inspired by Hokusai’s famous painting The Great Wave. It features a cyberpunk/synthwave color scheme and an animated effect. This camo is a VIP pass reward.

Cyber Space

Just like the Origin camo, this animated camo features animated letters and numbers as seen in the movie The Matrix. However, it is purple instead of green and does not have particle effects like the former. This camouflage is available in the premium pass.

Charming Ornament

A camo with an interesting pattern and a red-and-white color scheme. However, there is no animation. It’s a Free Battle Pass reward.


The Battle Pass brings three new player avatars.

Cyber Samurai (Premium Pass)

Cyber Geisha (Premium Pass)

Cyber Doc (Free Pass)


Four new national flags have been added to the store. You can buy them using gold in the shop and put them on your ship.





Battle Pass

To see what other rewards are in this month’s Battle Pass, click the card below to see all the details on our dedicated Battle Pass page.


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