In this article, we will look at three reliable tactics you can use to maximize your dollar earnings. Please note that this article is not newcomer friendly. These are tactics for people with enough resources to afford the ships/equipment necessary. 

Keep in mind, that the damage you get and consequently the money you earn, will vary and is related not only to your ship and the equipment you use but also to how well you perform the method.

Method one: damage split

This method relies on spreading your damage output onto multiple targets. It’s most often done with assault carriers, but you can do it with regular ships too (not as practical tho). 

The two best maps for this method are Storm and Islands of Iceland

Using your drone, spot the enemy ships and fire at the first one you see. Do not linger around it though. After the first short burst of damage, let the AI pilot the drone. Then use your strike fighters to attack a different ship, and let the first one you shot heal. I’m sure you can see where this is going. Repeat the process on the other ship by damaging it as much as possible in one pass, then switch back to the carrier and do the same with a bomber. Make sure you attack the ship with the most hp every time you switch aircraft. If you’re using RF Shtorm, you can fire missiles in between switching aircraft. 

The ships you briefly attacked will heal while you shoot someone else, allowing you to repeat this cycle until your teammates kill the enemy or the time runs out. This method is not difficult to pull off at all. 

The way you do this with regular surface ships or subs is also simple, but you need to be on the storm map. Just fire one burst of weapons into one ship, then switch targets and focus on a different one. Repeat the process….

Method two: Tactical hiding

This method relies on both teams’ ship lineup. It works best when you’re using at least moderately fast ships. Basically, you let your team die so you can get all the damage yourself without the danger of bots killing your targets.

USS Vella Gulf cruiser on the Arctic map

The best map (and only) map this method works on is Arctic

At the very beginning of the match, hide behind a glacier and do not release your helicopter. Your team of bots will be forced into a 4v5 without you and will be picked off one by one. Once you’re the only person alive on your team, you can engage the enemy. Do not destroy the enemy team, rather switch targets similarly to method no. 1 (this is helpful in case there aren’t many enemy ships alive after your teammates die). Be careful not to expose yourself and get killed. 

The reason I said your and the enemy teams’ lineups matter is because you might not get the results you want if the enemy team doesn’t have ships with high survivability (ie: carriers, battleships, heavy cruisers) and is instead composed of ships with less hp (ie: subs, destroyers). Your team’s lineup might be better, causing the bots to win a 4v5 and your time to be wasted. If you encounter undesirable lineups, play the match normally or quit and start a new one.

Method three: AFK grinding

This one is a bit different from the other two. The reason for that is that this is the AFK grinding method. For this one, you need a carrier with autocannons such as USS Gerald R. Ford or any assault carrier (RF ATAKR Ulyanovsk and CN Type 003 will not work).

Su-57-B Felon strike fighters on the Storm map

The map has to be Storm. Equip missile-based aircraft and autocannons like Marlin that can shoot ships on long distances. Also, choose a helicopter with a ton of HP such as the CAIC

Once the match begins, set the speed to 2, release all your planes and pilot the helicopter. The bot planes will attack ships on their own, and because you’re piloting a helicopter, the ship will also be controlled by a bot (making it capable of healing and flaring missiles, boosting your chances of survival). The reason you should use missile-based aircraft such as PAK DA and not bomb-based ones like B21 or the KUS-FC drone is that bots can’t really aim the free-fall bombs and will therefore get you less damage. 

Now you can go do something else while the bots grind for you. Just make sure you repeat the process after one match ends. 

All of these methods have been tested extensively by me and I still use them for damage missions. Happy grinding!

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