You may have heard about the Hero and Legendary player status in Modern Warships and wondered what it means and how can you get them. You may have even seen players with the coveted orange Hero badge or the purple Legendary badge above their names in a match. In this article, we’ll explain what the Hero and Legendary statuses are and how can one obtain them.

What are Hero and Legendary statuses?

Hero and Legendary status is a special status that is awarded to highly skilled players. When you are in a match, you can distinguish Hero and Legendary players from normal players by looking at the badge displayed above the player name. Hero players have an orange badge that says “Hero” on it and Legendary players have a purple badge that says “Legendary”.

What are the benefits of Hero status?

Players with Hero status have access to exclusive equipment in the in-game store. Currently, these are S-97 Raider helicopter, ANSEQ-3 Laser AA air defense, EMRG (120 mm) cannon, P-800 Onyx (Cluster warhead) missile, BGM-109 Tomahawk (Nuclear warhead) missile, and the Zircon missile. These exclusive weapons are a powerful addition to any arsenal and are hard, if not impossible to access without Hero status.

However, some of these items have been also accessible through the battle pass for regular players, such as the EMRG railgun and S-97 Raider helicopter. Normal players can also use the Zircon cruise missile if they have the RF Admiral Gorshkov frigate which has one of these missiles as a locked weapon.

Hero players will also gain access to four exclusive camouflages in the in-game shop: Star Combat, Red dragon, Snake and Lava.

What benefits do Legendary players get?

Even harder to obtain is the Legendary status. This status includes all the benefits of Hero status and even more. Legendary players will get access to two exclusive and rare ships, the RF ATAKRP 941-Bis and USS Nemesis (CV-01).

USS Nemesis (CV-01)

This tier III aircraft carrier is massive in size and has a large HP pool. However, it has poor speed and maneuverability which makes it an easy target for enemy ships. While it does not have a drone unlike other carriers at the same tier, it has a total of eight autocannons, eight air defense systems, and a railgun. Just like the 941-Bis, piloting this carrier is definitely a unique experience that only a few players will have.


This unique tier II submarine acts also as an aircraft carrier. This means you can launch aircraft and then submerge to keep yourself safe from enemy attacks underwater. Despite this flexible role its only aircraft is one strike fighter and does not feature helicopters or fighters. While its aviation capacity is limited, playing this ship is definitely a different experience.

Obtaining Hero and Legendary status

So, how can you obtain a Hero or Legendary status to enjoy these benefits? You might have heard that you can get this status by winning an in-game tournament. However, as of 2023, this information is outdated. Before we look at the new way of obtaining Hero status, let’s look into how it was previously possible to obtain this status.

The old way: in-game tournament

Modern Warships has two in-game tournaments, the damage tournament, and the ship destruction tournament. You can see your placements in this tournament in the leaderboard by clicking the menu button in the game, selecting “Account” and clicking “Rating”. This tournament runs for 24 hours. In the past, the person who placed first in either of these tournaments would be granted Hero status.

Legendary status was obtained through the Heroes’ tournament. The Hero player who placed first in this tournament would be awarded the status of a Legendary player.

So, what was the issue with the in-game tournament and why did developers change how to obtain the Hero and Legendary status? The problem with the tournament is that it was very tedious to win it and it didn’t actually test player skill. More than testing who is the best player, the tournament actually tested who can stay up longest during the 24-hour window to grind kills or damage.

There was also a potential issue with so-called jockeying services. These services allow players to pay money for someone else to grind for them using their account. This means it was possible to simply pay money and obtain Hero status which is not fair in any way.

Because of these issues, the Modern Warships developers decided in 2022 that they will introduce a new way for obtaining Hero and Legendary status and that is community tournaments.

New way: community tournament

Currently, the way to obtain Hero and Legendary status is to take part in a community tournament. The status is awarded to the winner of the tournament. This means these statuses are awarded only to the best and most skilled players.

The rules are different for each tournament but how it usually goes is that the MVP (the player who did the most damage) will get Legendary status and the other players in the team will get Hero status.

Some tournaments will award Hero status to non-Hero players and Legendary status to those players that already are Heroes. To participate in a tournament, you will need to put together a clan or join an already existing one. With five players, you will be able to join a tournament and try your luck at winning.

Most tournaments are in a so-called single-elimination format. This means clans are placed in a tournament “bracket” where they face off against another clan that is chosen randomly. The loser of the match is eliminated and drops out of the tournament while the winning clan moves forward to challenge other winners.

When all losing clans are eliminated, only two winning clans will remain and they will face off in the final match. The winner of the finals will become the winner of the tournament. The members of the winning clan are awarded a Hero or Legendary status. The top three finalists usually also get some form of other compensation, for example, gold, Artcoin, or a VIP battle pass.

In addition to team tournaments, there are also individual tournaments that are held in a 1v1 format. The tournament bracket works similarly in this case too, except instead of a clan, every participant is an individual player. The matches are duels between just one player in each team. So, if you are a talented player but don’t want to join a clan, you can always take part in a 1v1 tournament.

So, where can you find a tournament to take part in? The best place is the official Modern Warships Discord server, you can find a link to it below.

A list of tournaments and information on how to apply can be found in the #🏆mwct│tournaments channel on the official Discord server.

In addition to the official MW Discord server, you can always join the servers of some well-known tournaments like Elysium and Elite Gaming Events. Make sure to check out these Discord servers as well!

Another way: a press account

In addition to winning a community tournament, there’s also another way you can obtain both Hero and Legendary status and that is if you have access to a press account.

So, what is a press account? Basically, a press account is a special account that is granted to content creators who make videos or other content about Modern Warships. MW Stats actually has a press account that we use when creating content.

USS Nemesis in the port when using a press account

A press account allows content creators to test all content in the game. This means it also has Legendary status. So, how can you get a press account? You need to apply for the Modern Warships community program, called Creators Crew.

Please note that you will need to have a certain number of followers on social media to get access to bonuses provided by the program. For example, YouTubers will need to have at least 500 subscribers. Even then, a press account is provided only to the most active content creators. You can find a link to the website of the program below with more details. The page also contains the form you need to fill in order to apply.

To make it clear, unless you are an active content creator who is popular and/or makes quality content, there is no guarantee that you will get a press account through Creators Crew. However, obtaining Legendary status through a press account is an option for most passionate content creators who would not otherwise take part in tournaments.

Final words

So, now you know what is a Hero and Legendary status and how to obtain them. It’s definitely not easy to get one since you either need to be really good at the game and win a tournament or you need to be a big content creator.

While this means only the most skilled and dedicated players will be able to get this status, I still believe that this new approach is superior to the old in-game tournament grind.