To celebrate the traditional Irish holiday, Saint Patrick’s Day, Modern Warships developers have added a new bundle to the game themed after Leprechauns and four-leaf Clovers. Since I’m part of the Modern Warships Creator Crew program, I was given the opportunity to test drive the new bundle. So here are my impressions of this new offering!

IT Luigi Durand de la Penne (D 560)

The main attraction of this bundle is the new Italian destroyer Luigi Durand de la Penne. This is a tier II ship which can be right now only obtained by purchasing this bundle.

This ship shares many similarities with another Italian tier II ship, IT Caio Duilio. Both ships are focused on artillery. While Caio has 3 cannon slots, this ship has 4 of them. However, you can only change one of the cannons freely, the other ones are locked with the new Breda 76/62 Super Rapid. This cannon features an auto lock-on feature and can also destroy air targets, just like the tier II Melara Rapid.

There are 2 missile slots that provide decent firepower at the tier, so even with a strong artillery focus, you don’t have to completely sacrifice missile-focused gameplay.

The anti-submarine capabilities are limited to one torpedo slot. This makes it somewhat challenging to counter enemy submarines, unless you want to sacrifice the missile slots by equipping an anti-sub missile like SMART.

The air defenses are nothing to write home about. A single free slot doesn’t provide much protection against enemy air threats. However, the ship’s locked cannons can be used to destroy enemy helicopters and planes but keep in mind that they will often miss at long engagement ranges.

In conclusion, this ship definitely provides a unique gameplay experience with its 4 cannons that you don’t get with other tier II ships. As most of the tier II ships are balanced to perform in an extremely similar fashion, it’s always nice to see a ship that breaks the mold.


This green camouflage features four-leaf Clovers and animated falling horseshoes. The camo features a cool 3D effect where the graphical elements are on different layers. When moving the camera around the ship, they move at slightly different speeds, giving it a parallax effect. The camo surface looks almost like a hologram.

Despite being colorful and animated, this camo manages to be clean and subdued instead of flashy and in-your-face. It’s definitely a nice-looking camo even if you don’t care so much about the festive theme!


The bundle also contains the Lucky Symbol flag with a four-leaf Clover, a common symbol of luck. This fresh flag stands out on its own even without the St Patrick’s Day theme.


Finally, it has the Beardy Trickster player avatar which depicts a leprechaun, a creature in traditional Irish folklore. I can’t say this avatar is very aesthetically pleasing but I won’t judge anyone who’s into these fantasy creatures!


So, should you buy this bundle? Since this bundle is priced at 46 EUR (or your local equivalent) it’s a decision that you are going to make on your own.

The ship is pretty good and it provides a unique sailing experience, but since it’s in tier II, you should get it only if you play a lot of tier II or you are a collector. It’s very unlikely that the ship will be added to the in-game shop in the future.

The cosmetics are nice and if you are really into Saint Patrick’s Day you will definitely enjoy them. However, the camouflage and flag have really nice designs and they look great even if you don’t take the festive theme into account.