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KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata will be available for gold and receive a buff
KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata (331) was added to the game in September update. This is the second Indonesian ship in the game, the first being the tier I corvette KRI Golok. Raden Eddy Martadinata is...
Modern Warships September 2023 update – Here’s what’s new
The Modern Warships September update is named Sea Brotherhood and has version number 0.71. In addition to bug fixes and improvements, this update includes new game units from The United Kingdom,...
Registration for the Modern Warships PC public test has started
The PC version of Modern Warships has gone through a few rounds of closed testing. However, the test will be open to anyone who’s interested very soon. The developers have announced this...
What’s new in Modern Warships August 2023 update?
Modern Warships August update has the version number v0.70 and it is named "Sharp Sword". Along with bug fixes, this update features many ships, aircraft, and weapons from the People's Republic of...
Video: August Update Camouflage Preview
Here’s a preview of the four new camos added in the latest Modern Warships update: Tropical, Epoxy Resin, Stitched, and Battle-seasoned. These skins can be obtained through the August Battle Pass.
Modern Warships July 2023 update has been released. Here’s what’s new
The Modern Warships July 2023 update is named Red Menace and has version number 0.68. It introduces a new Battle Pass submarine and aircraft and includes extensive balance changes.
USS New Hampshire available in the Artcoin Market
The battleship USS New Hampshire (BB-1011) has been added to the Artcoin Market. The price is 20 000 Artcoin, which is in line with other Artcoin battleships, RF Moscow and JS Yamato Aegis. This is...
Video: Did You Know Modern Warships? Mythological Kylin Creature
Modern Warships June update introduces the Chinese destroyer CN DDG-203 Kylin. But did you know that this ship is named after an ancient, legendary creature from Asian mythology?
Video: June Update Camouflage Preview
Preview of the four new camos added in the latest Modern Warships update: Phantom Burning, Glimmering Mirage, Yellow Hypnosis, Zebra
What’s new in Modern Warships June update?
The Modern Warships June 2023 update has version number 0.66 and the name Chaos Harbingers. Let's look at the new map, camouflages, ships, aircraft, and weapons added in this update.
Modern Warships Second Anniversary: Better Rewards but a Harder Event
The Modern Warships 2nd anniversary event ran from May 11th to 22nd. The event structure is much more involved compared to the first anniversary, which basically amounted to giving out promo codes...
Video: Did You Know Modern Warships? Missile Lock Sound Effect
Modern Warships has a distinctive missile lock sound effect. But did you know that this sound effect is actually originally from a different video game?
Modern Warships May update has been released. Here’s everything that’s been added
The Modern Warships May update bring us a new map along with new game units and weapons. It has version number 0.64 and is named Direct Assault.
Modern Warships Easter Egg Hunt event guide
After the late 2022 Helicarrier/Skycarrier event, which featured the USS Musk (CVN-X) carrier and the Leviathan battle game mode, we now get the second official game event in April 2023, called the...
MW Stats is on Patreon!
We are now on Patreon. If you want to support our work on MW Stats, you can become a patron. By supporting MW Stats you can get benefits such as ad-free browsing and displaying your name on our...
Sprite changes in Modern Warships April 2023 update
In Modern Warships April update, several helicopter sprites were changed, along with one ship module. These images are used in the port, store, and market UI. The new images include machine guns...
Everything new in Modern Warships April update
The April Modern Warships is named Wild Barrage and it has version number 0.63. The update brings new flags, a skin new for the FS Blue Shark, and bug fixes
How to get Hero and Legendary status in Modern Warships
You may have heard about the Hero and Legendary player status in Modern Warships and wondered what it means. In this article, we'll explain what the Hero and Legendary statuses are and how can one...
Modern Warships March update is out. Here’s everything new in the game
Another month brings us another Modern Warships update. This time the update is named Vivid Dawn and it has version number 0.62. In addition to bug fixes and new skins for USS Vella Gulf and ROKS...
What’s new in Modern Warships February update?
After a big batch of Chinese ships and weapons in the January update, the Modern Warships February update features new items from Japan, the land of the rising sun.
Statement regarding recent allegations in the Modern Warships community
We’ve recently heard allegations of disturbing behavior by moderators appointed by Artstorm, the developers of Modern Warships. These reports of inappropriate behavior are highly concerning.
Hidden changes in January update: ship and module rarity and EC-665 Tiger weapons
Modern Warships January update contains several undocumented changes. The most apparent one is that the rarity of several ships in the game has been changed. Here’s a list of all the rarity changes.
Modern Warships January update: new items added on MW Stats
Timed for the Chinese new year, update 0.60 "New Year" brings many new ships, aircraft, and weapons from the People's Republic.
Modern Warships December update patch notes
Here are the patch notes for Modern Warships December update (v0.58), also known as Terra Uncharted. The patch notes and images are provided as a courtesy of the developer.
What’s new in Modern Warships December update?
The December update, also called Terra Uncharted, has version number 0.58.0. The update features a new Chinese voiceover option, in addition to the existing English, Russian and Japanese voices.
What missile should you use? SCALP, DF-17, or something else? Legendary and Epic missiles compared
In Modern Warships, the Legendary and Epic missiles at tier III are some of the most powerful weapons in the game. So, what there the advantages and downsides of each missile? And which one should...
Modern Warships November update patch notes
Here are the patch notes for Modern Warships November update (v0.56), also known as Hidden Threat. The patch notes are provided as a courtesy of the developer.
What’s new in the Modern Warships November update? Latest game items available on MW Stats
While the Modern Warships November update (v0.56), also known as Hidden Threat, doesn't add many new features to the game, it is packed with new ships, weapons, and a new drone for players to...
Map changes in Modern Warships 0.55
The Modern Warships October update brings many changes to six maps featured in the game. The reworked maps feature added cover and updated spawn points. This will hopefully reduce cases where you...
Modern Warships October update: MW Stats has been updated with the latest data
The October update Spirit of Columbia for Modern Warships (v0.55) brings a new voiceover and updates to map geometry and spawn points in the game. In addition to this, there are plenty of new...
Modern Warships September update: new items added on the site
In addition to the new Frank Klepacki soundtrack and upgraded water graphics, the new Modern Warships September update Dashing Blaze (v0.54.0) also features a bunch of new ships, weapons, and...
Modern Warships beginner’s guide: useful tips for new players
Modern Warships might seem like a simple game at first but it features a number of surprisingly complicated mechanics. In this article, I will share a few tips that new players will likely find...
CHAMP missile review
CHAMP stands for Counter-electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project. It's a type of missile developed by the United States that is capable of flying over enemy terrain and using an...