Modern Warships March 2024 update is named Joint Vanguard and it has version number 0.77. This patch brings new balance changes and features new ships, weapons and aircraft that can be obtained through the battle pass. You can find everything new in this article. Click any game item to view its detailed stats.

Balance changes

This patch brings a new rebalance pass by the developers. Many of the older ships have seen additional weapon slots and buffs to their health and other stats. Several missiles have also been improved, along with the Monarc cannon which now does more damage. All drones have had their radar range reduced and prop-driven drones have now increased maneuverability. For all the changes, see this post published by the developers. MW Stats has been updated to reflect the new balance changes. The devs said that air defense systems in the game will be rebalanced in a future update.

New game mode

The “Domination” game mode has been featured in past events but now it has been added as part of the regular game. This game mode revolves around capturing control points. Holding points will deplete the enemy score, along with destroying enemy ships.

However, the rules have been slightly changed from past events. There are no pick-ups that provide power-up and ships have been configured with their normal consumable layouts. The domination game mode is available when there are no special events going on.

We are working hard on adding the new map layouts to the MW Stats maps section.


SPS F-110

SPS F-110 is the first Spanish ship in the game. This frigate features strong anti-submarine warfare capabilities with its 4 total grenade launcher slots, rivaling the FGS F126. The locked DTCN F17 torpedo provides a lot of firepower against subs and surface ships. This torpedo was previously only available on FS PANG and FS Aquitaine but now free-to-play players can also get their hands on it.

With only two missile slots, the anti-ship firepower is not great but AA defenses are decent. The problem with the AA is that it is all locked. While the Spanish Sentinel 25 RFG gun might be effective against enemy planes, the single Sea-Ceptor AA might make it challenging to counter enemy missiles.

In short, this is a very effective ASW ship but due to its low health, limited long-range capabilities, and challenging AA setup you will need to stay away from the enemy front lines and stick to a support role. The SPS F-110 is the final reward in the March 2024 Battle Pass which means you can obtain it for free.



This Polish strike fighter is based on the PZL-230 Skorpion concept plane. In features VTOL capabilities which means it can hover in the air. The weapons are presumably indigenous Polish designs. The aircraft features strong ASW capabilities with increased sonar range and torpedo weapons. Highly damaging twin cannons, lasers guided missiles and anti-air missile launchers provide additional firepower. This plane is part of the VIP Battle Pass.

Bayraktar Akinci

This propeller-driven drone joins Bayraktar MIUS-B as the second Turkish drone in the game. The drone features plenty of missile armament and guided bombs. This aircraft is part of the VIP Pass.


A-222 Bereg (130mm)

This cannon is Russia’s answer to Monarc. It is a single-shot gun that features a lengthy reload time but high burst damage. However, the reload time is slightly faster than Monarc. The damage per shot is also lower than Monarch but there is a very high chance of gaining a critical hit. Finally, the projectile speed is slightly improved compared to Monarc. This cannon has very competitive specs but you can only obtain it by purchasing the VIP Battle Pass.

Bofors 40/L70 Mk.4 (40mm)

This Swedish autocannon features rapid-firing projectiles and has an impressive range. The range is almost as long as Marlin. This autocannon is part of the Premium Battle Pass.

Breda 127/54 Compact (127mm)

This new Italian cannon is available in tier 2. Like other guns in this tier, this weapon fires a rapid burst and has a relatively fast reload. What sets this cannon apart is its high critical hit chance. This weapon can be purchased in the in-game store using gold.


Three new camos can be obtained through the Battle Pass.

Water Surface

A light blue camo with an animated water effect. This camo is a Premium Battle Pass reward.


This camo has a blue pixel pattern with animated stars that pop in and out of existence. This is a Premium Battle Pass reward.

Bull Power

This camo features a geometric gray pattern which is adorned with an image of a bull. It is a free Battle Pass reward.


Three new flags have been added to the game. They can be purchased in the store using gold.





This month’s Battle Pass offers three new player avatars. They are themed after soldiers in different historical time periods

Centurion (Premium Battle Pass)

Cuirassier (Premium Battle Pass)

Modern Marine (Free Battle Pass)

Battle Pass

To see what other rewards are in this month’s Battle Pass, click the card below to see all the details on our dedicated Battle Pass page.


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