Modern Warships just celebrated its third anniversary. To honor this occasion, the developers organized a month-long event with various gifts and rewards. As part of the Modern Warships Creators Crew program, I had the chance to test out all the rewards available in the event. Let’s take a look at all the event items!

Free camouflages

Two free camouflages were sent to players in their in-game mailbox: Anniversary Voyage and Victorious.

The Anniversary Voyage features a light blue color scheme with a race car-inspired pattern. The MW Logo completes the look.

The Victorious camouflage sports a similar look but in a red color scheme. However, this camo does not feature the Modern Warships logo.

Community event

The community event was an advent calendar-style event where you can claim a free reward every day. This event had four parts, one each week. In addition to the usual goodies like Battle Pass Points, Artcoins, and Gold, you could also get some exclusive customization items.


Four neon camouflages were available in the event: Neon Yellow, Neon Turquoise, Neon Blue and Neon Purple. These are similar to Neon Green camo which was featured in the previous Hanami community event. These simple camouflages look the same but feature different hues of color.

The final camouflage reward in the event was the Neon Party camo. This elaborate camouflage features festive neon shapes which feature a spinning animated effect.


A free anime-style avatar Katsuro Tanabe was also a free reward in this event. This player avatar depicts a young and handsome commander.


The Birthday Cake flag features a stylized flag in neon colors. This flag can be mounted on any of your ships.


The Celebrator player title was awarded to players. You can put it next to your username in-game to show you took part in the festivities.

Celebration Craze gacha

In addition to the community event, the anniversary celebration also featured the Celebration Craze gacha. This game of chance featured some very sought-after items like HMS UXV Combatant destroyer, FGS F124 frigate, Iskander ballistic missile, Yak-141 Freestyle strike fighter, and A129 CBT Mangusta helicopter. These exclusive rewards were previously only available in gacha or part of a time-limited event pass.

Also, a newly added Bronze camo was one of the gacha rewards.

Gacha Pass

In addition to gacha spins, this event also featured an “event pass” style mechanic. By reaching certain amount of spins, you could unlock additional rewards. Here are the gacha pass rewards:

The Rainbow Glitter camouflage features an animated glitter effect with all the rainbow colors. There’s also a sparkling particle effect.

The Anchor flag displays a stylized anchor adorned with roses.

The Misaki Sakai player avatar features an anime-style illustration of a young female captain. It is a perfect complement to the previously mentioned Katsuro Tanabe avatar.

In addition, the Party Hunter player title was one of the rewards in this gacha pass.

If course, to participate in the gacha you needed to spend real money on tokens but mobile users could get one free token a day by watching an ad.


And that’s everything available in the Modern Warships 3rd Anniversary event. The developers were generous with all sorts of free customization items. While the Neon series camouflages (except Neon Party) were pretty basic, the Anniversary Voyage and Victorious had very cool designs.

Those players wishing to spend money were able to take part in the gacha to earn some rare and exclusive items. And even free-to-play players could take part by watching an ad.

The bottom line is that the anniversary celebration was definitely a well-organized and successful event!