The battleship USS New Hampshire (BB-1011) has been added to the Artcoin Market. The price is 20 000 Artcoin, which is in line with other Artcoin battleships, RF Moscow and JS Yamato Aegis.

This is after a brief instability in the market due to which trading was temporarily suspended. The ship was previously only available through the 2nd Anniversary Event where it was purchasable with real money.

New Hampshire has powerful railguns which make it very dangerous in battle. While it is a large target and its speed and maneuverability are not the best, it is certainly worth considering if you enjoy battleship gameplay. Its THAAD missile defense system received some buffs in the latest patch.

Please note that we are in the progress of updating all ship, weapon, and aircraft stats on MW Stats with info from the latest update. However, because the patch changed the stats of almost everything in the game it’s a big effort (there are hundreds of ships, weapons, and aircraft in the game we need to go through manually).

We hope the updated stats will be up by the end of the week. Thank you for your patience!