The April Modern Warships is named Wild Barrage and it has version number 0.63. The update brings new flags, a skin new for the FS Blue Shark, and bug fixes. Like always, we also get new ships, weapons, and aircraft, some of which are in the new Battle Pass and others are available in the in-game shop. All new game items are listed below. You can click the card of the item you are interested in to view more details.


USS Constitution II (DDR-2000)

The USS Constitution II looks like a sister ship of the USS Massachusetts. However, its weapons are very different. While it has one less missile slot than Massachusetts, it has four very powerful railguns with fast reload speed. However, it doesn’t have any torpedoes or grenade launchers which can leave it vulnerable to enemy submarines. It has two different air defense systems which are locked but despite this provide very effective air defense with continuous missile fire. This ship is the final, free reward in the Battle Pass.


Jas 39 Gripen

This Swedish strike fighter features a delta-wing configuration with canards. In addition to surface targets, it can also engage enemy planes and helicopters with its IRIS-T missile. Part of the VIP battle pass.


This is a new rare Chinese strike fighter. While J-26’s burst damage is low, the weapons have a fast reload. Additionally, the aircraft has VTOL capability which means it can hover in place. This plane can be purchased in the store for dollars.

YF-23 Black Widow II

This prototype fighter faced against the F-22 Raptor in the ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter) program of the United States Air Force. While in the end, the winner was the F-22, you can still pilot this aircraft in Modern Warships. Can be acquired by purchasing the VIP Battle Pass.

XQ-58 Valkyrie

This American drone can destroy targets with missiles and laser-guided suicide drones. A reward in the VIP Battle Pass.


Type 726-4A

This Chinese grenade launcher features high accuracy and very good damage. However, the reload time is slow and the detonation radius of its projectiles is small. The weapon can be purchased in the store for dollars.

Type 730C

This is the first Chinese air defense system that combines missiles and a gun into one. While it is less effective than dedicated gun and missile systems, this combined weapon is useful on ships that have only a limited amount of AA slots. This weapon is available in the shop and can be bought for dollars.

Helios Laser

This American AA system fires a purple laser. It features a long firing range and can deal decent damage. This module is a premium battle pass reward.

This is it for the new items in the update. If you are interested in what’s in the April Battle Pass, check out our Battle Pass page.