Timed for the Chinese new year, update 0.60 “New Year” brings many new ships, aircraft, and weapons from the People’s Republic, along with some bug fixes. Let’s take a look at the new game units. As always, if you find something interesting, you can click the card in each entry to get detailed information and stats about that specific item.


CN Type 076

This tier III equivalent to CN Type 075 helicopter carrier features powerful armament in the form of four grenade launchers, a strike fighter, two drones and three helicopters. It also features two autocannon slots and four air defenses in total. It’s the final reward in the battle pass and therefore free.

CN Type 092

Also known as the Xia-class, this tier II submarine carries the new JL-1 ballistic nuclear missile, along with torpedoes. The sub can be bought in the shop for dollars.

CN Type 022

This Chinese corvette joins the tier I lineup. What makes it stand out is that it’s the only tier I ship featuring grenade launchers. This means there’s finally a ship where you can put your RBU-1000. It’s a dollar ship, available in the store.



This futuristic-looking Chinese bomber features enhanced anti-submarine capabilities since its YU-8 missiles can target underwater targets in addition to ships. It also features a stealth guided bomb that does not react to countermeasures and a free-fall nuclear bomb. The bomber is a VIP battle pass reward.


This drone looks strikingly similar to BAE Systems Taranis. It’s armed with all-missile armament. While its FH-901 weapon is classified as a suicide drone or a loitering munition, in the game it works like a missile. Part of the VIP pass.


This unique helicopter is unmanned and therefore does not feature a pilot. It’s almost as fast as Kamov-XX and carries weapons that can target both aerial and surface targets. It can be acquired through the VIP battle pass.



This missile is China’s answer to Swarmer and it’s capable of targeting submarines in addition to surface ships. Unlike RUM-139 Swarmer, however, it only launches one missile at a time. This may make it less useful in swarming attacks against surface targets. This missile is a free battle pass reward.


This legendary grenade launcher is a step above the regular rare grenade launchers when it comes to damage. Like the ASW rocket, it can also destroy submarines and submerged torpedoes. Premium battle pass reward.


For most people, this is the first nuclear missile in tier II. The only other nuke in tier II is the BGM-109 Tomahawk nuke, which is only available to players with a Hero title. Like the Tomahawk, this Chinese ballistic missile also features an underwater launch capability. Dollar shop item.


This tier I missile is mounted in the CN Type 022 corvette. It fires two missiles at a time. The YJ-83A can also be bought in the dollar shop.

For a detailed list of all the battle pass items, please visit our battle pass page below.

That’s all for the new update! Happy new year to all of our readers! MW Stats is almost a year old at this point and we will likely celebrate our first birthday by releasing a blog post with some statistics collected during the year.

Until then, have a great 2023!