Modern Warships August update has the version number v0.70 and it is named “Sharp Sword”. Along with balance changes and bug fixes, this update features many ships, aircraft, and weapons from the People’s Republic of China. We have listed all the new stuff in this article. If you see an item you are interested in, click the card to view its detailed statistics.

Balance changes

This update is the second part of the extensive balance changes added in the last update. The changes are slightly less extensive than the last ones. Some fan-favorite missiles like Zircon, DF-17, and BrahMos-II have been buffed and TMF 155 cannon is very powerful now. However, almost all AA systems have had their range reduced. Also, the firing delay issue that plagued the last update has been fixed.

If you are interested in the full list of changes, refer to this document provided by the developers. Please note that there are some minor mistakes in the list. The values in MW Stats have been checked by comparing them to the values displayed in the game.


CN Type 956E Hangzhou

This month’s free Battle Pass is CN Type 956E Hangzhou, a Chinese version of RF Admiral Ushakov destroyer. Its stats are similar but the armament is different. It has one more missile slot and instead of grenade launchers, it has an autocannon slot. The anti-air configuration is slightly different and it is reinforced with dual HHQ-9B missile systems.

Because Hangzhou is a BP ship, it features a 20% bonus to gold and dollar earnings which could be one reason to use it over the Ushakov. Complete the Battle Pass and reach the final level, 40, to unlock this ship for yourself.


These camouflages be unlocked through the Battle Pass and applied to any ship. By the way, we are working on adding a new section to MW Stats that allows you to browse all camouflages and skins in the game, including a video preview for each.


This animated skin features green leaves and animated Venus fly traps. VIP Battle Pass reward.

Epoxy Resin

The skin looks like oil on water with very bright colors. It has an animated effect. The skin is part of the Premium Battle Pass.


This camo resembles the skin of a zombie or the Frankenstein monster. It’s not very visually appealing. Premium Battle Pass reward.


A subdued and stylish camo. It features distressed yellow metal and bullet holes. You can get this skin for free through the battle pass.


Yanlin Yunxi
Desheng Zhang

The last update introduced a new feature where the player can choose an avatar from a set of images. The August update introduces two new avatars: Yanlin Yunxi and Desheng Zhang which can be obtained through the Battle Pass. The first is free but for the second one, you need the Premium Battle Pass.



This Chinese strategic bomber is armed with missiles and a free-fall bomb. It’s very similar to other large bombers in the game like Tu-95MS Bear-H, B-52H Stratofortress, and H-6N. The bomber is a VIP Battle Pass item.


The JH-XX strike fighter from China is armed with hypersonic missiles and stealth missiles which do not react to countermeasures. However, there is no cannon. Part of the VIP Battle Pass.

Project 231

Project 231 Chinese fighter features VTOL capabilities and laser cannons. While the cannons are very powerful, they have a short range. It’s always nice to see a fighter with some special features that set it apart from other very similar fighters. You can obtain it through the VIP Battle Pass.


H/PJ-29 (76mm)

This Chinese rotary cannon goes into the cannon slot and bursts at enemy surface targets. Because of the long burst length, you need to be careful with your aim if you want to land your shots. You will need to purchase the Premium Pass to obtain this cannon.


The JRNG-6 CIWS from China features both machine guns and missiles and can destroy both air and surface targets. Its performance is similar to Garpun. Free Battle Pass reward.

Battle Pass

To see what other rewards are in this month’s Battle Pass, click the card below to see all the details on our dedicated Battle Pass page.


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