The Modern Warships July 2023 update is named Red Menace and has version number 0.68. It introduces a new Battle Pass submarine and aircraft and includes extensive balance changes. Because of this, our team had to work hard to update MW Stats with all the various changes. Below you can find everything new in the update. You can click the card of the item you are interested in to view its detailed stats.

Balance changes

The July update includes major changes to the game balance. Ships have been given HP buffs across the board but many ships have been given additional slots for increased damage. Many aircraft and weapons have also been buffed. The balance changes have been especially focused on enhanced and rare ships and modules. Many people feel that these items that are purchasable in the shop are not as powerful as epic and legendary items obtained through Battle Pass and Artcoin Market. Many of these items are now much more powerful and more on par with the epic and legendary ones.

MW Stats has been updated to include the latest changes. If you are interested in detailed changes, you can read this 70-page document published by the developers.


RF Belgorod (K-329)

The Russian Belgorod submarine is very large and has a ton of health. Despite this, it’s maneuverable and can remain underwater for long periods. However, most of its weapons are locked and it has only a single customizable torpedo slot.

The locked weapons are still very powerful. The Poseidon nuclear torpedo is very slow but it deals massive damage and can be challenging to destroy by enemy grenade launchers because it has a lot of health. The locked missile battery Burevestnik fires two nukes at a time and it feels more powerful compared to the slow and clunky SLBMs (submarine-launched ballistic missiles). The Ichthyosaurus works a lot like VLWT on the USS District of Columbia, it launches several torpedoes at a time. Finally, Belgorod has Luchnik-E air defense which obviously activates only when the submarine is on the surface. It offers some defense against enemy planes. An air defense system on a submarine is a rarity, the only other examples I can think of are FS SMX-25 and RF ATAKRP 941-Bis.

The Belgorod is a powerful submarine which provides unique gameplay opportunities. You can get this submarine for free by completing the July Battle Pass.


You can obtain the following camouflages through the Battle Pass. The skins can be applied on any ship.


This camo with animated digital characters looks like something out of The Matrix movies. VIP Battle Pass reward.


Inspired by the titular animal, this camo has an animated color shift. Part of the Premium Battle Pass.


A camo inspired by traditional Islamic calligraphy. Free Battle Pass item.

Majestic Stripes

Another animal-themed skin, this time with a tiger fur look. Premium Battle Pass reward.


Tu-95MS Bear-H

Another fan favorite, the Tu-95 Bear bomber is a Russian heavyweight bomber like B-52H Stratofortress and H-6N. However, this bomber is driven by propellers, rather than jet engines. All its weapons are missiles and guided bombs rather than free-fall bombs which makes it capable of performing stand-off attacks rather than having to fly straight into enemy AA fire to drop bombs. However, the bomber does not have any nukes on board. It’s a VIP Battle Pass reward.

MiG-31BM Foxhound

The MiG-31 is a strike fighter with very high speed. Even at top speed, the aircraft is still easy to maneuver. It is armed with missile weaponry and one of its missiles is laser-guided which means it cannot be countered by flares. Part of the VIP Battle Pass.

ATN-51 Black Plague

This Russian fighter has a special railgun that fires highly-damaging projectiles. Its missiles also fire a volley which makes it better at defeating enemy flares. The fighters in this game all feel so similar, it is always nice to see a plane that has some unique properties. This is a VIP Battle Pass plane.

Battle Pass

To see what other items are in this month’s Battle Pass, see the Battle Pass page by clicking the link below.


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