Fans of Korean ships, aircraft, and weapons will be definitely happy about the Modern Warships April 2024 update, also known as Phoenix Raid (v0.78). This new version brings a lot of new items from the ROK navy which can be obtained through the Battle Pass. This patch also introduces some balance changes, along with a new voice-over: Korean.

Balance changes

The last update brought balance changes to many ships, weapons, and aircraft. This patch introduces balance changes to AA systems. In general, the maximum range of AA systems is increased but the overall damage has been decreased. This means that even if planes, drones, and helicopters spend more time in the enemy AA zone, they won’t be destroyed so quickly. For the full list of the changes, please read this balance log published by the developers.

A big change has been made to dual-purpose AA systems. Previously many epic and legendary air defense modules fired both at enemy air targets and ships, basically functioning both as an AA system and an autocannon. While this may have sounded like a good idea on paper, you would often run into a situation where your AA guns were firing at nearby enemy ships while letting enemy missiles damage your ship. The dual-purpose functionality has now been removed from all AA modules which makes them more useful in countering enemy aircraft and missiles. If you still want to target both surface and air targets at the same time, you can use an autocannon like RAPIDFire, Seahawk Sigma (30mm) or Type-30 JEAG (40mm) which are capable of doing this.

Not really a balance change but the developers also announced that they have removed the Storm map from the offline map rotation. This is because some people have been using this as an AFK grinding map, using bots and automated scripts. The map will return to the offline rotation as soon as the developers have reworked it.



As the free Battle Pass ship, we get our third frigate in a row, this time originating from Korea. The ROKS FFX Batch III plays like your usual frigate: its advantages are speed and maneuverability but the health is not the best. The ship boasts unique SSM-750K Sea Dragon missiles but they can be flared, unlike the ones on CN Type 054B and HMS Glasgow (Type 26). The Sea Dragon missiles have pretty good top speed but their start speed is low and their range is on the short side.

Because of the 4 total torpedoes, this frigate can effectively fight off submarines but since there are no grenade launcher slots, the ship is vulnerable to enemy torpedoes. The air defense also could be better: there are only two free air defense slots. However, they are reinforced with the exclusive L-SAM missile system, previously only available on the ROKS JSS gacha ship. Also, there are 7 pieces of dual-purpose MK 38 Mod 4 autocannons that can help with destroying air targets.

This is a unique frigate with its own strengths and weaknesses when compared to the existing frigate lineup. While not a general-purpose ship, it can be really strong in specific circumstances. You can get this ship for free when you complete the April 2024 Battle Pass.



This Korean supersonic bomber features high speed and good maneuverability. Like the SR-72 Dark Star, this bomber can detect underwater enemy submarines using its sonar. All the KB-X weapons have special features: the missiles are hypersonic, the guided bombs are immune to countermeasures and so are the torpedoes. However, since the torpedoes drop straight down, they can be difficult to aim so they don’t hit an island or other obstruction on their way down. This bomber is a reward in the VIP battle pass.


This multipurpose helicopter of the ROK army can counter many types of threats. Its cannon is capable of targeting both surface and air targets. However, the cannon features an overheating mechanic if you fire it for too long. The missile systems can deal damage to enemy ships. Finally, the torpedoes can target both enemy submarines and surface ships. You can obtain this ship in the VIP Battle Pass.


The KUS-FS is a close cousin of the rare KUS-FC drone. However, this drone is powered by a turboprop engine instead of a jet engine. One of its missiles is immune to enemy flares. Like other aircraft added in this update, the drone emphasizes ASW capability with its Quickstrike ER mines which function like guided missiles capable of destroying underwater targets. It can also deal damage to surface vessels with its missiles. It is worth noting that even if this drone features weapons capable of targeting underwater enemies, the drone does not have a sonar. This means you will need to rely on your teammates to spot underwater submarines so you can acquire a missile lock. This drone is a VIP Battle Pass reward.


Tiger Shark

This heavyweight torpedo can deal a lot of damage but its downsides are long reload time and slow speed. What makes it special compared to other similar torpedoes is that it can defeat submarine torpedo countermeasures due to its unique guidance system. The torpedo is a reward in the Premium Battle Pass.


The following ship camouflages can be obtained through the Battle Pass.


This futuristic white camouflage features geometric patterns and a particle effect that looks like parts of chipped paint flying off the camo surface. It is a VIP Battle Pass reward.

Soaring Crane

This camo is decorated with images of birds. However, there is no animated effect. You can obtain it in the Premium Battle Pass.


This camouflage features colorful traditional patterns. It is a free Battle Pass reward.


The Battle Pass contains the following player avatars.

Lee Kyung-Soo (Premium Battle Pass)

Minji Kang (Free Battle Pass)

Jinjoo (Premium Battle Pass)


Four new flags have been added to the store. You can buy them using gold in the shop and equip them on your ship.


Saudi Arabia



Battle Pass

To see what other rewards are in this month’s Battle Pass, click the card below to see all the details on our dedicated Battle Pass page.


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