The Modern Warships May update bring us a new map along with new game units and weapons. It has version number 0.64 and is named Direct Assault. The update also adds a new skin called “Artstorm Police” for USS DDG(X). Below you will find everything new added in the update. You can click the card of the item you are interested in to view more details.

New map

The new update brings us a new map called Viking Bay. It is a large map that features many islands with a lot of space between them. This means there is a lot of cover but also a lot of space to maneuver. Think of “Islands of Iceland” but less cramped. You can find the layout of the map along with spawn point locations on our maps page below.

Special thanks to 𝗗ᴀᴠᴏꜱ#3249 for figuring out the spawn point data in the game files!


FGS F127

This is the latest addition to the German frigate line that has the T2 FGS F123 and the T3 FGS F126. While its predecessor F126 was focused on strong grenade launcher firepower, the F127 is a more versatile ship with a wide range of capabilities. The ship’s air defense consists of NASAMS missiles and the new HELS laser system which are locked. There’s a third slot with a single air defense system that can be swapped freely. F127 is the final reward in the Battle Pass which means you can get it for free.

IT Giuseppe Garibaldi (C-551)

This new Italian carrier is located in Tier 2. It features some unusual weapons for a carrier including a missile slot and dual-purpose gun with manual operation. The ship also features a torpedo slot but it’s questionable how useful that is in combat when playing an aircraft carrier. The ship can be purchased in the store.


Su-37 Terminator

An improved version the Su-27 with canards. This strike fighter is placed in Tier 3 and features guided missiles, unguided bombs, and an AA missile. Part of the VIP Battle Pass.


This Chinese drone features only two air-to-ground missile slots along with air-to-air missiles. However, it’s armed with a highly damaging railgun for destroying surface targets. This drone can be acquired as part of the VIP Battle Pass.


This is a modernized Tier 3 version of the Ka-52 Alligator and features various improvements. The helicopter has average speed and average damage but can destroy enemy aircraft with its AA missile. A VIP Battle Pass item.



This is a variant of the locked Swedish RBS 15 MK4 system on the FS Blue Shark. However, instead of a six-missile burst, the RBS-15 fires a single missile at the time. The missile fires in a high arc and starts at a low speed but quickly accelerates. RBS-15 is a rare missile with average damage and overall performance. This missile can be bought in the in-game store.

Black Shark

This Italian weapon fires two torpedoes at a time and features high damage, slow speed and slow reload. However, the Spearfish still remains even heavier with higher damage and slower speed and reload. Available in the store for dollars.

MRPG Konig (120mm)

FGS F127’s locked main gun. This cannon fires in accurate three-round bursts and has a short reload.

HELS Laser

The first German laser air defense in the game. This locked module is featured on the FGS F127.

Bofors L/46 (120mm)

This cannon is located in Tier 2 and has the longest reload of any of the cannons in the tier. However, the reload time is still relatively fast compared to ”single-shot” cannons in Tier 3 like Monarc or TMF 155. The Bofors L/46 fires a quick burst of three shots with high damage. Part of the premium battle pass.


This is a new Italian missile in Tier 2. It has balanced damage, speed, and reload compared to other missiles in the tier. Mounted on the new IT Giuseppe Garibaldi carrier but can also be purchased in the store.

Melara 40/L70 DARDO (40mm)

This is the locked cannon featured on IT Giuseppe Garibaldi. Being a dual-purpose gun, it can destroy both surface and air targets.

Battle Pass

If you are interested in what’s in the April Battle Pass, check out our Battle Pass page. This is the first time you can get ship camouflages as Battle Pass rewards.


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