KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata (331) was added to the game in September update. This is the second Indonesian ship in the game, the first being the tier I corvette KRI Golok. Raden Eddy Martadinata is a frigate that is placed in tier II. However, the only way to obtain this ship was through the time-limited “Sea Predator” bundle which was only available for real money at the cost of approximately 35 USD.

It seems that not everyone was happy about this and the developers have listened to feedback from the users and announced that the ship will be available to purchase for gold in the in-game shop. The devs also announced that the ship will receive a buff to boost its battle performance.

The ship will be available for purchase in the store when the next update is released which means at the beginning of October 2023. The devs said they will also add the “Indonesian Navy” flag to the in-game shop and it will cost the standard rate, which likely means 750 gold as this is the cost of other navy flags like PLA Navy or US Navy.

It’s a good thing that the developers have listened to feedback from users and made this ship available to more people. If you are interested in the current stats of the ship, check out the ship stats below. We will update its stats to the new improved ones as soon as the new update is released.