The Modern Warships September update is named Sea Brotherhood and has version number 0.71. In addition to bug fixes and improvements, this update includes new game units from The United Kingdom, Japan, and some other countries, too. Below you will find everything new added in the update. You can click the card of the item you are interested in to view more detailed statistics.

New map: Two Samurai

This map was part of the Seas of Prey event last month. While in that event it featured a new mode called Domination which focused on capturing flags, now it features normal team deathmatch-style gameplay when it has been added to the normal map rotation. I hope the devs will bring the domination game mode back in the future as it was very fun and felt more strategic and rewarding compared to the normal team deathmatch.

You can find detailed information about the new map on our maps page.

Updated map: Arctic

The Arctic map has seen some changes to its layout. The spawns have been moved even further back and aircraft carriers now have additional cover in the form of new islands added to the map. I’m not sure how necessary this change is given that Artic was one of the best maps already in terms of gameplay. That’s because it has numerous islands that provide cover. You can find a comparison between the old and new layout below.

New layout

Old layout

For all the details including spawn point numbers, check out the maps section of MW Stats, link below.

Changes to the premium account

The devs have improved the premium account. Now in addition to a 50% boost to dollar and gold earnings, it also has a 50% XP bonus. Previously the experience bonus was only 10%. You can buy premium account time in the in-game shop using real money. Premium account is also rewarded by some in-game activities like Battle Pass or daily login bonus.

New mid-season event

A new event called Fiesta Pirata will be held in September. It appears that this event is pirate-themed, you can already see some Somali pirates in the September key art if you look closely. The developers announced that the Indonesian ship KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata (331) will be available during the event. Judging by the armaments, it seems like it will be a T2 ship. It’s not clear yet how you can obtain the ship, it could be an event pass reward or a part of a bundle.


JS Izanami

The September update adds the first Japanese submarine to the game, the JS Izanami. The main selling point of this submarine is the unique HGV Block2A missile: this missile features both hypersonic speed and underwater launch capability. The other locked weapon on this sub is the Type 89B (533mm) torpedo. It is a slightly updated version of the normal Type 89 (533mm) torpedo, available in the shop.

This ship is also armed with Type-07 SUM missiles. However, these cannot be fired underwater so you might want to change these to something like YJ-18B or one of the SLBM ballistic missiles. The JS Izanami can be obtained for free if you complete all the stages of the September Battle Pass.



This camo has a futuristic metal texture and glowing animated orange lights. You need the VIP Battle Pass to obtain it.

Game of the Champions

This camo features hexagonal patterns with changing colors. Premium Battle Pass item.


A camouflage that features a spinning radar animation. Very cool! You need the Premium Battle Pass for this.

Glaring Splash

This camo consists of colorful artistic paint splashes. Free Battle Pass item.


The Battle Pass includes two new player avatars, Ryoto Morita and Ava Quinn.

Ryoto Morita (Free Battle Pass)

Ava Quinn (Premium Battle Pass)


Merlin HM2

This British helicopter has enhanced ASW capabilities with two sets of torpedoes and a depth charge. However, the depth bombs can be difficult to use since they drop straight down and you have to aim them manually. The twin cannons have the potential to deal a lot of damage to air and surface targets. However, the speed of the helicopter is not the best. You need the VIP Battle Pass in order to obtain this helicopter.

Typhoon F2

The Eurofighter Typhoon was a collaborative project between the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Spain. F2 is the British variant. The delta-wing aircraft is armed with missiles and glide bombs. Unlike A-14B Equalizer and MQ-20 Avenger, the Paveway bomb on this plane features actual laser guidance, it’s not a dumb gravity bomb like on the former aircraft. A VIP Battle Pass is required to get this strike fighter.


This British drone is driven by a propeller and features some familiar weapons like Storm Shadow and Brimstone missiles. Its GBU-44/E Viper-E weapon releases a swarm of guided bombs. VIP Battle Pass aircraft.


SR-5 122/300

This Chinese grenade launcher has a very interesting function, it fires two types of projectiles at the same time. The first type of ammunition resembles the usual grenade launcher fire while the second one works more like missiles. However, you will need to lock into an enemy surface target before you can fire, which means the weapon does not work against torpedoes or submarines underwater. So, you should think about this weapon more like an extra set of missiles like the PKX-B rather than a traditional grenade launcher. This weapon is part of the Premium Battle Pass.

Type 89 (533mm)

The Japanese Type 98 is a heavyweight torpedo like UGST Physic (533 mm) or Spearfish. It can deal heavy burst damage but it has a long reload time. This torpedo is mounted on the new JS Izanami submarine but you can also purchase it in the shop using in-game gold.

Crotale R440

This new French air defense system was added to the store. You could think about it as an epic version of Sea RAM since it fires two missiles at the same time. It has very high burst damage but its range is pretty short. Due to the long reload time, it would be recommended to pair this system with another AA that fires more rapidly to better protect yourself from enemy missiles and aircraft. It is purchasable using in-game dollars.

Battle Pass

If you are interested in other items in the September Battle Pass, check out your Battle Pass page by clicking the link below.


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