CHAMP stands for Counter-electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project. It’s a type of missile developed by the United States that is capable of flying over enemy terrain and using an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to disable enemy electronics, such as radar systems.

In Modern Warships, CHAMP is much less exciting, it’s a missile simply featuring an explosive payload, just like the rest of the missiles in the game. It thereby lacks any kind of EMP ability. Despite all this, CHAMP can still be a powerful weapon in your arsenal.

At Tier III, CHAMP epitomizes a reliable, middle-of-the-road missile. Its performance is very similar to YJ-18 which fills a similar niche. CHAMP does not feature hypersonic speed like DF-17 or X-51 Waverider, high damage P-700 Granit or any kind of special ability to lock into any air or underwater targets like S-500 Prometheus or RUM-139 Swarmer.

Despite the lack of any distinguishing special features, it can consistently deal a good amount of damage to your enemies. CHAMP’s moderately fast speed and relatively quick reload means you can deal successful hits to your enemies, even if your enemy tries to flare some of the missiles.

Compared to its main rival, the Chinese YJ-18, CHAMP features slightly lower damage, a slightly lower maximum range, and a slightly longer reload time. However, it has a higher top speed and initial speed. Its DPM value is also lower compared to YJ-18. In practice, these differences are small, however. It’s up to personal preference which one to use if you enjoy the playstyle these missiles provide.

CHAMP is relatively easy to obtain, it’s featured as a default armament on some ships from North America or American-aligned countries, such as USS Vella Gulf (CG-72), USS Port Royal (CG-73), and JS Ashigara (DDG-178). The missile can be also bought from the shop at a relatively inexpensive price of 900 000 dollars. You will just make sure you have progressed to level 15 in order to unlock the weapon.

To sum it up, CHAMP is in no way outstanding and it doesn’t have any special features to distinguish it from the other tier III missiles. However, if you want a reliable, easy-to-use missile that works well in almost any scenario, you can’t go wrong with CHAMP.