After a big batch of Chinese ships and weapons in the January update, the Modern Warships February update features new items from Japan, the land of the rising sun. The update is called “Blazing Waves” and it has version number 0.61.

In addition to the new Japanese items, there are also some other changes. RF ATAKR Ulyanovsk has been remastered with improved detail and new skins have been added to USS Massachusetts and USS Arsenal Ship. Also, several bugs in the game have been fixed.

A new update means we’ve also updated MW Stats with the latest data. You can click the card of the corresponding item to view more details and detailed statistics about it.


JS Zuikaku (DDA-1)

This new Japanese carrier joins RF Shtorm, USS Enterprise (CVN-80), and CN Type 004 in the assault carrier ship class. It is an interesting mix of other assault carriers. Like Shtorm, it has a locked missile AA and cruise missiles but in addition, it has unlocked AA slots too and a drone which Shtorm lacks. A notable omission in Zuikaku’s loadout is grenade launchers. This will leave this ship more vulnerable to enemy torpedoes.

Despite its massive size, Zuikaku’s hull number classifies the ship as a destroyer, rather than an aircraft carrier to comply with the Japanese constitution which forbids the possession of offensive weapons. The ship is priced at 20 000 gold.

JS Mogami (FFM-1)

This Japanese ship is fast, small, and nimble which allows it to quickly evade threats and reposition itself on the map. Mogami can fight multiple types of different threats at the same time.

The three missile slots provide firepower against enemy ships. With torpedoes and the Type-07 SUM missile, it can engage submarines. It also has the same RIM-162 ESSM locked AA missile as Yamato Aegis and Zuikaku which can efficiently destroy aircraft. The only downside is that its single air defense slot will likely struggle against enemy cruise missiles.

Even if the Mogami hull number suggests that it’s a frigate, in the game ship is classified as a destroyer. The ship is the final reward in the battle pass which means you will be able to obtain it for free.

JS Hayabusa (PG-824)

New players will now have an option of choosing a Japanese ship when starting the game. JS Hayabusa’s stats and armaments are typical when compared to other tier I ships. This dollar ship can be bought in the in-game store.


F-15 JX

This advanced version of the F-15 fighter jet features canards for improved maneuverability. However, its weapons are typical fighter armaments: a machine gun, and a missile. VIP battle pass reward.


This Japanese strike fighter features forward-swept wings which give it better agility. In addition to a machine gun, the plane is armed with three types of missiles and free-fall dumb bombs. This plane requires the VIP battle pass.


This bomber is armed with a wide variety of weapons. In addition to a rotary missile launcher, it’s also armed with hypersonic missiles, a torpedo launcher, and free-fall bombs. It’s a VIP battle pass reward.


Type 30 JHGV

This new hypersonic missile works a lot like DF-17 since after launch it starts at a slow speed but quickly accelerates. It’s mounted on the JS Mogami (FFM-1) destroyer, but you can also purchase it in the shop for 10 000 000 dollars.

Type-07 SUM

This anti-submarine missile can destroy both surface and underwater targets like the RUM-139 Swarmer and YU-8. This missile is the default armament on Mogami, but you can also buy it in the shop for 6 500 000 dollars.

PKX-B (130mm)

This Korean grenade launcher is unique because it has guided projectiles like the Swordship MLRS. You will need to premium battle pass in order to get a hold of this item.

Type-30 JEAG (40mm)

This railgun-type autocannon can also destroy air targets like RAPIDFire and Typhoon MLS-NLOS. Its downside is that it has a rather limited range. This weapon can be obtained through the free battle pass.


This Japanese torpedo fires two projectiles at the same time. It has great range and it travels at a fast speed but the damage is not the highest. This torpedo comes installed on the Mogami but you can also buy it in the shop for 3 750 000 dollars.

Bofors Mk4 (40mm)

This Swiss autocannon is mounted on Mogami in a locked slot. It will fire rapid bursts at surface targets like Oerlikon Millennium.

That’s it for the new items in the update! If you are interested in what other items are in the February battle pass, check out our dedicated Battle Pass page.