After the late 2022 Helicarrier/Skycarrier event, which featured the USS Musk (CVN-X) carrier and the Leviathan battle game mode, we now get the second official game event in April 2023, called the Easter Egg Hunt. This event allows you to earn various rewards by collecting a new event currency called Easter Eggs.


Most rewards in this event are common resources like dollars, premium account days, and upgrade points. However, there are some standout rewards: two helicopters you can obtain during the event.

AH-1Z Viper

The first reward is the AH-1Z Viper helicopter, which is a free reward as long as you complete all the levels in the event. This helicopter was a premium battle pass reward around a year ago in March 2022 Battle Pass. This means not so many people own it, even if it was possible to purchase it on the Artcoin market.

While the Viper is not the most powerful helicopter, it’s still nice that you can obtain it for free. If you don’t like it, you can always sell it on the Artcoin Market. Keep in mind that the price will likely go down as many more people now own it through the event.


The second reward is the CH-1 helicopter, also known as the Copperhead. This is a very rare and powerful helicopter with a devastating railgun that can destroy both air and surface targets. Very few people have this aircraft because the only way to obtain it was during the Helicarrier event. Even if you took part in the event, it was really difficult to obtain this helo, because the event used gacha game mechanics. Because of this, the probability of actually getting this helicopter was less than one percent. This meant that even if some players played hundreds of games, they did not get the helicopter.

While it’s great that it’s now possible to obtain this rare helicopter, this comes at a cost. At the start of the event, the price of the helicopter is around 100 EUR/USD. While this sounds like a lot of money, it’s possible to get a discount for the helicopter by progressing in the event. If you progress to level 4, the price is only 90 EUR/USD. Then at level 9, the price is 70 EUR / USD. If you complete all the event levels, the price is 45 EUR/USD which is a much more reasonable price compared to the initial one.

While not all players will be happy about the fact that the helicopter costs a lot of money, it’s still a positive thing that there’s no RNG involved this time. If the developers want to have gacha events in the future, hopefully, they will add some sort of pity system where you are guaranteed to get the item after a certain number of attempts.

Obtaining event currency

So, now that you know about the rewards, how do you get the event currency, Easter Eggs? Here are the ways to do so.

Play the game

The most straightforward way to earn the event currency is to simply play the game. At the end of each online or offline round, you get a certain amount of event currency based on your performance in the battle like damage and kills. It’s also possible to get a large bonus but at this time it’s unclear how this bonus is earned. It seems like you can earn this bonus several times a day during your first few battles. It seems that you will normally earn about 50 eggs per game or around 500 eggs if you get the bonus.

Easter Basket

You can try your luck in the Easter Basket once per day for free. The amount of eggs you can earn is random, but the most common amount is 500 eggs. In addition to the free draw, you can also spend gold for additional attempts. 250 gold for one attempt or 2 500 gold for 10 attempts. If you want to spend resources to complete the easter event most effectively, the Easter Basket is the way to do it.

Free eggs

In addition to the easter basket, there are some other ways to earn free eggs.

  • You can get 300 eggs for free every day.
  • You can also watch a 30-second ad to get 500 free eggs.
  • You can also spend 500 000 in-game dollars to purchase 1 000 eggs.

Please note that you can only get eggs by watching ads or using dollars once per day.

Limited time items

During the event, there are also two special time-limited deals the players can buy. The first is the CH-1 which we already talked about. The second is a new skin for the recently released FS Blue Shark Market ship.

Spring Breeze skin

This Spring Breeze is quite unique and very different when in-game compared to the promo image. The skin looks so unexpected, I first actually thought there was something wrong with my device.

The skin is partially transparent and could be described to be somewhere between active camouflage and a broken TV screen. The skin refracts light behind the ship and features animated “glitches” in the camouflage. It also has red, blue, and green subpixels, like a closeup picture of an LCD monitor. See the video clip below.

If you have FS Blue Shark, you think the skin looks nice, and you have 30 euros/dollars to spare, you can purchase the skin during the event.


On a whole, this event feels like a nice change of pace compared to your usual Modern Warships experience. While there is no unique gameplay mode like in the last event, it’s much easier to progress because there is no random component involved. It’s easy enough to earn eggs just by playing the game or taking advantage of the egg deals. If you don’t have enough time, you can always use gold to earn the rest of the eggs required to complete the event.

The free rewards are nice and the event gives people who really want to purchase the CH-1 helicopter the chance to do so. Hopefully, we can see more events like this in the future!

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