In addition to the new Frank Klepacki soundtrack and upgraded water graphics, the new Modern Warships September update Dashing Blaze (v0.54.0) also features a bunch of new ships, weapons, and aircraft.

As the new update was just released, we’ve updated our site with new items featured in it. In this blog post, you will find links to all the latest items along with a short description. You can see more detailed stats for each item by tapping the card you are interested in. Let’s start by looking at the new ships added to the game.

New ships

RF Moscow

The Moscow-class joins USS Missouri and IJN Yamato in the elusive battleship class of vessels. Like Missouri, it’s armed with only two missile slots but it boasts a wide variety of other armaments including two main cannons, six secondary guns, six grenade launchers, and two autocannons. It also features very good anti-air capabilities with a total of ten air defense slots. The Moscow can be purchased on the market at the price of 20 000 Artcoin.


The first German ship in the game, the frigate F126’s specialty is its four grenade launcher slots, providing plenty of firepower at close range. The ship also has quite a good durability for a frigate since it has plenty of hitpoints. This tier III ship is the final reward in this month’s battle pass


This tier II German frigate can be purchased in the in-game shop for 3 000 000 dollars. It features good health but its armaments are typical of other ships at the tier.

New aircraft


This Russian bomber features high speed and good maneuverability. While it does feature guided missiles, its most damage-dealing weapons are dumb bombs that need to be aimed manually.

One special feature is the cannon located at the aft of the craft, which provides defense against enemy planes. It works similarly to the cannon featured on the RF Loon ekranoplan.

This bomber is part of the VIP battle pass.

New weapons


The successor to the original Indian BrahMos missile, the hypersonic BrahMos 2 seems to be similar to DF-17 in its performance, because the missile starts at a slow speed and then quickly accelerates.

The most significant difference compared to DF-17 is that it launches two missiles at once rather than one which might help it defeat air defense systems more effectively.

This missile can be obtained through the battle pass.


Also part of the battle pass, this Chinese grenade launcher can be fired individually like the A-22 and H/JJ12. It features high damage values but high recoil makes it difficult to hit targets when firing continuously, so be sure to space out your shots. You will need the VIP battle pass in order to obtain this weapon.

Garpun (30mm)

This is a new air defense system that comes on the Moscow battleship by default. You can also buy it in the in-game store. It’s basically an upgraded version of the Pantsir featuring higher damage but a shorter range and smaller clip size.

Oerlikon HEL

This air defense system joins the THEL and ANSEQ-3 laser-based weapons. While other laser air defenses feature red lasers, this one has blue ones. It features high damage but a small clip which means it will spend more time reloading compared to the other laser-style air defense modules. This is a battle pass item.

RBU-16000 (300mm)

This is the bigger sibling of the RBU-12000 grenade launcher. It’s exclusive to the Moscow-class battleship. While it deals less damage than its predecessor, the ship features six of them which makes the damage values more balanced.