The October update Spirit of Columbia for Modern Warships (v0.55) brings a new voiceover and updates to map geometry and spawn points in the game. In addition to this, there are plenty of new ships, weapons, and aircraft to enjoy. Like every month, we’ve updated MW Stats with the latest items and balance changes. Here is all the new stuff coming to Modern Warships in October.


USS District of Columbia (SSBN-826)

This legendary tier 3 submarine is armed with ballistic Trident missiles and two unique weapons: the new BGM-109 Tomahawk Block V missile and the VLWT torpedo. It’s basically a modernized version of USS Ohio (SSBN-726) that sacrifices one missile slot for one more torpedo tube. The submarine is the final reward in the battle pass.

RF Project 2145

The work-in-progress version of this epic destroyer (T3) carried seven missiles, which was pretty ridiculous. In the released version this has been toned down to four which is far more reasonable. This ship is basically Russia’s answer to the USS CG(X)-21, providing plenty of firepower while being relatively vulnerable to enemy submarines. The highlight of this ship is the locked S-400 missile air defense, previously featured on the RF Shtorm. This ship can be bought in the in-game shop for 25 000 gold bars.

If you are interested, we’ve just released a review of the ship which you can find in the articles section.


V-280 Valor

An up-tiered version of the SV-22 Osprey, this tiltrotor helicopter has good speed and carries heavy armament. Its cannon can destroy both air and surface targets while the torpedo provides ASW capabilities. Part of the VIP battle pass.

F-28 Tomcat II

This attack aircraft is a fictional upgraded and modernized version of the F-14 Tomcat variable geometry fighter. Can be obtained through the VIP battle pass.

Pan Spatial Killswitch

This fictional concept aircraft was designed Pan Spatial and can be obtained on the free market using Artcoin. It can hover in place like F-35 Lightning II and has two unique weapons systems that are launched vertically.


RIM-174 (SM-6)

A new legendary American missile with a design very reminiscent of the RIM-161 (SM-3) (and the HUWS). Like its rare cousin, it can also destroy air targets. It’s not quite hypersonic but still very fast. Can be obtained through the premium battle pass.

Erlik-2050 (127 mm)

This legendary tier three cannon had devastating damage during the alpha. In the final release, its damage has been toned down somewhat. This cannon can fire in a four-round burst and its reload time is somewhere between the rapid-firing rare cannons and single-shot legendary cannons like Monarc and TMF 155. Part of the premium battle pass.

BGM-109 Tomahawk Block V

Bigger sibling of the tier two Tomahawk missile, this missile system fires 4 missiles in one burst. It has high damage and retains the underwater launch ability of its predecessor. Exclusive to the USS Columbia submarine.


This USS Columbia-exclusive launcher fires three torpedoes at the same time, causing devastating damage at a short range.


That’s it for the new in-game items. For the new map layouts, check out our comparison article below. As always, we want to give huge thanks to Davos#6696 for providing assistance when it comes to the maps.