With the October update came many new additions to the game, however, one of the more demanded ones was definitely the new gold ship, RF Project 2145. It costs 25k gold, which means this is now the most expensive gold ship in the game. Of course, I bought it right away. So, is the ship worth your gold?

The equipment

RF Project 2145 is equipped with 4 missile slots, 2 cannons, 2 unlocked AA slots, and an S-400 AA slot. It also has a helicopter, although that’s present on all tier 3 surface ships. Its outside look doesn’t tell the average player much (that’s my job), so they might just equalize it with USS CG(X)-21, which has basically the same weapon loadout as the Project, except it has 2 autocannons and another 2 unlocked air defense slots instead of the S-400.

Of course, the air defense is where this ship really stands out. The S-400 is extremely effective against aircraft and slow missiles due to its range, reload and blast radius. What’s a “blast radius”, you ask? Well, the S-400 missile is an air defense that shoots out one missile every 0.7 seconds, dealing 2 243 damage upon impact. Now, imagine the damage from the missile affecting other objects around the target, such as missiles, shot from aircraft. They get destroyed before even taking off, forcing the carrier player to flare and shoot their missiles very precisely in that small time window they aren’t getting shot at. This, combined with the S-400’s reload and range, makes it very difficult to approach Project 2145 with aircraft. That’s good since otherwise, you’d have the same problem as CGX. Usually, I put laser AA in the variable 2x AA slot, just to have that accuracy against missiles that S-400 lacks. 

This ship also has great cannon placement. Both of its cannons stay at the back of the ship, making it easy to peek out of cover, shoot, then hide again. Although if you do this, your missiles won’t be able to shoot out since they’re positioned in the front of the ship.

The RF Project 2145 destroyer in the map Arctic

The statistics

In this section of the article, I’m going to be comparing RF Project 2145 to USS CG(X)-21, because of obvious reasons. 

Statistically speaking, Project 2145 is better than or equal to CGX in every single way. There is not a single statistic CGX has an advantage in; its HP is lower, it’s much slower, it’s less maneuverable… This is the first time I’ve seen a same-tier ship comparison this one-sided. 

To be clear, CGX is a mediocre ship stats-wise. Project is a great ship stats-wise. It’s got a lot of health (377k when maxed out), almost as much as a Pyotr Velikiy actually, it’s very close to being as fast as Lider (27.8 knots maxed) while being a lot more maneuverable.

The RF Project 2145 destroyer in the map Lost City

The playstyle

If you’re a regular reader of mine, well, first of all, thank you, and second of all, you might have read my CGX review. The reason I’m pointing this out is because CGX and Project 2145 have very similar playstyles. However, due to all the Project’s advantages, it can get away with a lot of things that would get a CGX killed. That’s why it’s easier to use.

With Project 2145, you need to keep away from submerged submarines. You simply cannot fight them unless you have RUM equipped, which you probably won’t have. Hide from them, but don’t forget to attack other ships. 

When it comes to attacking “other ships” (carriers, destroyers, cruisers), I use this loadout: 

However, if you don’t have these items, your loadout can be full SCALP, CAIC instead of the VIP helis, and Garpun instead of HEL. 

With the equipment I use, I can do 172k damage every 7 seconds. This is more than enough to obliterate most ships at medium to long range, but you might have some problems fighting ships with grenade launchers at close range where the GLs can destroy your missiles more easily. 

Can you see what playstyle I’m hinting at here? You should be at the front lines fighting with/against the Pyotrs, CGX-es, and other Projects. You should not be camping at the back of the map, because even though this tactic works, it is not as effective as rushing and you won’t use your ship’s full potential that way. 


If I recall all my experiences with RF Project 2145, the vast majority of them were positive. I never once felt like the game cheated me because I failed to brawl a buckshot Zumwalt. Instead, things rarely went wrong with this ship, and when they did, I understood it was my fault it happened. 

Project 2145 is a perfect balance between statistics, equipment, and price, therefore I strongly suggest you buy it. For me right now, it’s the best ship in the game and more than worth the one kidney I had to sell to get it. 

Oh, and about my absence these 2-3 months, it was because of stuff. You know, stuff.

PS. If you don’t believe me, here are just a few matches I’ve played with the ship.