While the Modern Warships November update (v0.56), also known as Hidden Threat, doesn’t add many new features to the game, it is packed with new ships, weapons, and a new drone for players to enjoy. This article contains all the latest items added to the game. You can click the card in each entry to get detailed information and stats about that specific item.


USS Massachusetts (BB-1012)

This epic cruiser is a kind of a Super Zumwalt, featuring a familiar-looking tumblehome hull and a pair of railguns. However, it trades speed and maneuverability for additional firepower in the form of an extra missile slot, an additional autocannon slot, torpedoes, and enhanced air defense. Currently the most expensive gold ship in the game with the cost of 30 000 gold bars.


This unique tier III destroyer looks a bit like an enlarged XWind 4000 and features high speed and maneuverability. It sports a unique guided MLRS system and a very ugly railgun which is also capable of engaging air targets. The ship also has access to torpedo armament but its air defense capabilities are somewhat poor since it only has two air defense modules. Final reward in the battle pass.

USS America (LHA-6)

What makes this helicopter carrier unique is its two drone slots, a feat currently no other ship can claim. While the ship does not feature fighters, it has enhanced air defense capabilities. Can be bought in the in-game shop for 28 000 000 dollars.

USS Kidd (DDG-993)

This tier 2 destroyer features unique MK-26 air defense missile launchers which use “arms” instead of VLS cells to launch missiles. In real life, this ship was transferred to Taiwan island where it serves as the flagship of the fleet. This is a dollar ship with a price of 2 600 000.

S41 Tiger (Type 148)

This tiny “fishing boat” is the German starting ship for tier 1 players. It features the new Melara cannon in addition to the World War Two era Bofors autocannon.

HMS Trent (P224)

Another ship you can choose when you start the game, HMS Trent brings some British flavor to the mix.


MQ-20 Avenger

The successor to the MQ-9 Reaper, this tier-three drone features heavy armament in form of missiles and bombs. While in reality, the drone’s GBU-16 Paveway II is a guided bomb, in the game it is depicted as a dumb free-fall bomb. VIP battle pass reward.


F21 Artemis

The first legendary torpedo in the game, the French Artemis features high damage and a good range. You will need the VIP battle pass to obtain this torpedo.

Excalibur Laser

While this trypophobia-inducing laser air defense is equipped by default on the USS Massachusetts, you can also buy it in the in-game shop using gold. This means it’s relatively easy to obtain compared to THEL and ANSEQ-3 Laser AA which require Artcoin or Hero status in order to purchase.

Type 2030

With the Chinese Type 2030, we finally have a high-rarity Gatling gun air defense that does not target surface threats. While this feature of Palash might sound attractive on paper, it means your anti-air gun is often targeting nearby surface ships when it should be focusing on incoming enemy planes and missiles. The Type 2030 is part of the battle pass.

ASW Rocket

A Turkish anti-submarine rocket system. Works similarly to the rare tier III grenade launchers but has better damage output. Can be obtained through the premium battle pass.

Melara 76/62 Compact (76mm)

This tier I cannon is equipped on the S41 Tiger.

Bofors L/70 (40mm)

This chunky-looking World War Two-era autocannon comes with the tier I ship S41 Tiger.


This twin-arm air defense missile is equipped on the tier II destroyer USS Kidd.