Another month brings us another Modern Warships update. This time the update is named Vivid Dawn and it has version number 0.62. In addition to bug fixes and new skins for USS Vella Gulf and ROKS Jeongjo the Great, we also get tons of new content.

Rather than focusing on a single country, the new update features new ships, weapons, and aircraft from countries all over the world. We have updated MW Stats with the latest additions to the game. You can click the card of the item you are interested in to view details and stats about it.


HMS Type 83

This is the first British ship in tier III. Despite Type 83’s massive size, it has great maneuverability and the speed is not that bad. The ship is filled to the brim with different weapon systems: missiles, guns, grenade launchers, torpedoes, two types of autocannon, and two kinds of air defense. This means it will work well in almost any kind of situation. This ship can be obtained for free by finishing the March Battle Pass.

RF Novorossiysk

This Kiev-class aircraft carrier joins RF Admiral Kuznetsov in tier II. Like Kuznetsov, in addition to aircraft, it’s also equipped with missiles and has good air defense ability. You can buy this ship in the in-game store using gold.



This strike fighter from Türkiye features missile armament for destroying enemy ships along with an anti-aircraft missile slot. One of its missiles is laser guided which is something you don’t always see in a strike fighter. VIP battle pass item.

T-929 ATAK 2

This Turkish helicopter can destroy surface targets with its powerful gun and missiles. One if its missiles is also capable of destroying enemy air threats. The helicopter is part of the VIP battle pass.


This VTOL jet attack aircraft is equipped on RF Novorossiysk but can also be bought in the store for dollars. Like the Harrier, it is capable of hovering in the air.



This Turkish cruise missile works a lot like Brahmos-II. It fires two missiles simultaneously which start at a slow speed but quickly accelerate. However, it does not quite reach the hypersonic speed of Brahmos-II. The lower damage of each missile is compensated with a faster reload speed. You will need the VIP battle pass to acquire this item.


This variant of the YJ-18 missile can be launched from submarines underwater. However, it has less damage and a longer reload time compared to the normal YJ-18. While tier II has the Tomahawk missile, this is the first tier III cruise missile that has underwater launch ability. The short reload of cruise missiles makes them better at defeating enemy flares. All other tier III missiles that can be launched underwater are ballistic missiles which have very long reload and low travel speed combined with high damage. YJ-18B is a dollar item that can be bought in the store.


This British torpedo has the highest torpedo burst damage in the game. However, this is offset with its slow speed and long reload time. Comes with the HMS Type 83 and can also be obtained through the premium Battle Pass.


The first Polish weapon in the game, OSU-35K fires heavy rounds that deal more damage than your usual machine gun AA system. However, its range is much shorter than other rapid-firing AA systems. This weapon feels almost like RAPIDFire but it goes in the air defense slot instead of an autocannon slot. Also, it can’t target surface ships. OSU-35K is part of the premium battle pass.

Mk 38 Mod 3

This autocannon is exclusive to the HMS Type 83 and cannot be used on other ships. This weapon works a lot like Oerlikon Millennium but it can also destroy aircraft in addition to surface targets. It has shorter range, however.

Aster-30 Block 0

The locked air defense of HMS Type 83 which fires missiles at enemy aircraft. It works a lot like other locked AA missiles like S-400 and RIM-162 ESSM.

P-500 Bazalt

This tier II weapon fires two missiles at the same time and deals decent damage. However, it has a long reload time and low travel speed. This missile is equipped on the RF Novorossiysk and can also be bought for dollars in the store.

A-215 Grad M

A naval version of the Russian truck-based missile launcher. This grenade launcher is located in tier II. Its high recoil makes it difficult to hit targets at long range. Because this weapon is semi-automatic, you can space out your shots to improve your accuracy. Premium Battle Pass reward.

M-11 Shtorm

This tier II air defense is similar to the American MK-26 in its appearance and functionality, taking down enemy planes with missiles. It’s the default air defense on RF Novorossiysk and is also available for purchase in the dollar store.


Locked autocannon featured on RF Novorossiysk. Its rapid fire deals a lot of damage but the range is not the greatest.

That’s everything new in the March update! To see all the other items in March Battle Pass, see our Battle Pass page below.