The Modern Warships June 2023 update has version number 0.66 and the name Chaos Harbingers. Let’s look at the new map, camouflages, ships, aircraft, and weapons added in this update. You can click the card of the item you are interested in to view details and stats about it.

New map

The update introduces a new map called Stone Peaks. This map has an open layout with maze-like rock formations in the middle. This provides two different types of combat opportunities on the same map. The vertical rock peaks are reminiscent of Artstorm’s previous game Battle of Warships which had maps with similar features.

Interested in the map layout and spawn point locations? Check our updated maps page for all the details.


CN DDG-203 Kylin

This Chinese destroyer is named after the mythological animal Qilin, also spelled Kirin or Kylin. It has an interesting look that melds both Chinese and Western design philosophies. The weapon loadout is balanced with both missile and cannon firepower. There are also autocannons, AA slots, and two locked HHQ-9B systems. However, there are no torpedoes. This ship is the final free reward in the Battle Pass.

IT Paolo Thaon di Revel (P430)

This Italian frigate is located in tier II. The statistics and armaments are fairly typical compared to other ships in the tier. Interestingly, this ship does not have any free anti-air slots. The only anti-air system is the locked Aster-15 system. The low amount of air defense slots has been compensated with increased damage. This frigate can be purchased in the store for in-game dollars.


The last update introduced a new mechanic where camouflages were not tied to the ship they were purchased on. This means you can buy a camouflage and freely change it between different ships. Because of this, the developers have started to offer camouflages as part of the Battle Pass. Here are all the new ones in this update.

Phantom Burning

This animated camouflage transitions between a colorful and a dark pattern. VIP Battle Pass reward.

Glimmering Mirage

This is a more subdued camouflage that shows the natural color of the ship but has animated cracks with shifting colors. You need the Premium Battle Pass to obtain this camouflage.

Yellow Hypnosis

This camouflage has a very trippy psychedelic animated effect. Premium Battle Pass item.


Camo with zebra stripes. Unlike other camouflages, this skin does not feature an animated effect. Part of the free Battle Pass.


B-52H Stratofortress

This strategic bomber has long been a fan favorite and it’s now finally been added to the game. The bomber has tons of health and can deal a lot of damage with its missiles, bombs, and the nuke. The downside, however, is that it’s very slow. This can leave it vulnerable to enemy air defenses while delivering its payload. One interesting fact is that it has a fully functional tail gun, just like Tu-22. VIP Battle Pass reward.

AP Fujin (風神 2021)

This Japanese helicopter could be considered a spiritual successor to AP Phoenix (不死鳥 1983). The helicopter has sleek and futuristic design and carries plenty of firepower, including two types of cannons and laser-guided missiles. It also benefits from very fast speed. This helicopter can be obtained by purchasing the VIP Battle Pass.


The Japanese F-90 strike fighter has a very distinctive and flashy camouflage. Very good maneuverability combined with fast speed make this aircraft very comfortable to fly and since there are no free-fall bombs, it’s easy to deal damage to your enemies. Part of the VIP Battle Pass.



Paolo Thaon di Revel is armed with this tier II Italian torpedo, but the weapon can also be purchased in the in-game shop. This torpedo was previously only available on the Rafale M strike fighter.


This is the locked air defense system on the Paolo Thaon di Revel. This missile is the predecessor to the tier III Aster-30 missile, available on FS Blue Shark and HMS Type 83. For a tier II system, it deals a lot of damage.

Battle Pass

To see what other rewards are in this month’s Battle Pass, check out our Battle Pass page by clicking the link below.


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