So… you’ve been eyeing that fat Chinese submarine for quite a while now, but you’re undecided about whether or not to save up/buy it. I mean, it is 18k gold after all, isn’t it? Well, to help you decide, I’m here to tell you what type 100 is good/bad for, as well as how you should use it.


There are the main advantages CN Type 100 has over the other submarines:

  1. The cluster DF-17
  2. The gigantic amount of HP
  3. It’s hitbox on the surface. It’s very flat and hard to hit with cannons/grenade launchers because of the waves. 


There are multiple disadvantages Type 100 has compared to other subs:

  • It’s lack of torpedoes (it has only one)
  • It’s slow speed
  • It’s hitbox underwater. It cannot dodge torpedoes and is easy to hit with grenade launchers due to it’s sheer size. 


From the listed advantages/disadvantages, you might have figured out how Type 100 is supposed to be played. Yes, it is more similar to a surface ship than a sub when it comes to your playstyle. Why? Because you’re going to stay on the surface most of the time, exceptions being at the very beginning of the match when you hide until the teammates spot. Also, during the match, you can dodge projectiles by submerging for short periods of time to avoid missile/cannon projectiles coming your way, then resurface to fire your missiles. This is the next point.

Avoid sub-to-sub combat

Type 100 was not made to combat submarines. It only has one torpedo (which misses subs like Type 096 or SMX-31 most of the time) and you cannot dodge torpedoes yourself. This, combined with your lack of speed and gigantic hitbox, just makes you an easy target for torpedo spammers. Also, be careful with your O2 usage. Once you surface, you will be vulnerable to the enemy ballistic missiles (those that can be launched underwater). Rather, focus on surface ships and let your teammates deal with the submarines. 


Type 100 is armed with 5 missile slots with a stock DF-17 missile and one torpedo slot. The first DF-17 is a special locked cluster DF-17 which I want to talk more about in the next section.

The cluster DF-17 and surface combat

Here’s how the cluster DF-17 works:

  • It fires 9 missiles fire straight up into the air (stage 1)
  • The missiles accelerate rapidly in the direction of the target
  • Upon reaching a certain distance from the target, each missile splits into 3 projectiles that each deal varying amounts of damage (depending on the critical hits), but the most common number is 2990.

However, these projectiles aren’t homing and will often miss fast-moving small targets from a certain angle. Also, it’s important to mention that cluster DF missiles are very vulnerable to damage from AA, especially in their early takeoff stage. They do not have the latency protection that the regular DF-17 has (that’s why the regular DF-17 rarely gets blocked) so it needs to be paired with regular missiles to get through AA.

However, when it does, it deals approximately 2 990 damage with each projectile. If all three hit, it deals 8 970. If all nine missiles hit, they deal 80 730 damage. That’s almost equal to four extra regular DF-17 missiles, which deal 88 400 damage. Combined, you deal an astonishing 169 130 damage in one burst. If we count in the Physic torpedo (35 750 damage) you’re most likely going to be using, that number goes up to 204 880 in a single burst. That’s how powerful Type 100 is (on paper) when using full DF-17 + Physic loadout. Keep in mind this damage is almost never reached due to the blockability of the cluster DF-17 missiles. Most often it will be 180k. 

This is also my suggested playstyle (full DF-17 + Physic). Bait the enemy into flaring using the regular DF-17s. Wait for them to reload, then fire clusters first, immediately followed by the regular DF-17s that would have reloaded by now. The regulars will distract the AA, allowing most of the clusters to get through and deal as much damage as possible. If you are being shot at by grenade launchers, do not fire the missiles, they will be destroyed before they even take off. 


Type 100 is certainly one of the most unique submarines in the game. It fits the role of a surface combatant much better than a sub. It’s very good at destroying surface targets but very bad at doing the same to submarines. This makes it a very one-sided sub. 

So, is it worth the 18k gold? In my experience, absolutely. In fact, I’d recommend it to people who hadn’t reached level 20 as well because of its good stock equipment. It’s basically already the best you can get (except the torp), you just need to upgrade it along with the ship. 

If you’re wondering about offline and bot aa ruining your fun, don’t. 13 missiles are going to get through even a bot’s AA. 

I really like it 😀