CN Type 054B is the first Chinese frigate in tier III. It is an upgraded and modernized version of the CN Type 054A Jiangkai II frigate available in tier II. This ship was added in the February 2024 Battle Pass “Jade Dragon” as a free tier 40 reward. After its Battle Pass run, it can be purchased in the Market using Artcoin.


The advantage of this ship is its formidable armaments and impressive stats. While its size is slightly small, it boasts a very good locked missile air defense: the HHQ-16F. Its two exclusive TL-30C missiles are immune to enemy countermeasures and you can place another set of missiles in its two free missile slots which adds versatility. Type 054B’s impressive 25.8 knot speed makes it perfect at ambushing enemies and reaching critical positions early in the match.

One other notable weapon is the YU-10 torpedo. It’s an excellent weapon. The torpedo is immune to enemy submarine countermeasures and can deal 39K damage per torpedo. Since there are two slots, the total damage is 78K per attack. This, along with two grenade launcher slots, makes the Type 054B very efficient at killing submarines.


A definite weakness of the ship is its 403 000 HP health pool which is on the lower-end when you consider the average T3 HP spectrum.

The ship is also vulnerable to enemy missile swarm attacks since, besides the HHQ-16F, it only boasts 2x autocannons and 2 1x air defense. This protection is equal to ROKS Jeongjo the Great (Which unfortunately is not great). 

The YU-10 torpedo also has a downside: it can be easily countered by enemy grenade launcher fire.


Like with other frigates in the game, you can play this ship offensively. Also, like the F-126, the Type 054B weapon loadout is geared towards anti-submarine warfare. So, you could say this ship prioritizes active anti-submarine warfare. In other words, you could call it an active anti-submarine seeker.

To be effective in this role, it’s a good idea to team up with another ship that has good defenses. This will give you additional protection when hunting enemy submarines. However, because of this ship has effective anti-submarine capabilities, you can go after submarines alone as long as the enemy is isolated and you have the upper hand.

In addition to countering submarines, this ship can also be effective against enemy surface vessels thanks to its locked missiles and highly damaging torpedoes. The ship works very effectively in a secondary and a support role.

However, try to avoid enemy aircraft carriers and assault carriers. Because of the weak air defenses, the Type 054B is vulnerable to prolonged air assaults from enemy CVs and ACVs. Even while the HHQ-16F can be an effective air defense, it can be easily countered by enemy aircraft countermeasures.


At the beginning of the match, support other ships and scout the map if your team doesn’t have a CV or they don’t scout the map.

In mid-game, actively seek enemy submarines, while also utilizing your helicopter. Play more passively if your team has a disadvantage. Only perform direct attacks against enemy surface ships if the situation is highly advantageous. Otherwise, ambush and distract. In a critical condition, always prioritize survival. Avoid CVs and seek cover if you are targeted.

Late game, if your team is winning, offensive support is the best. Prioritize destroying enemy CVs as soon as possible. They are a big threat if ignored. If your team is losing, completely prioritize survival.

Module suggestions

For its weak anti-air layout, Type 054B requires a versatile anti-air defense to be at least decent enough to survive in decent situations. A good missile that will be able to provide quick counterattacks is recommended. ATMACA will be the top choice.

Its torpedo must also be used sparingly since it has low ammo. Tip: if the enemy sub is present and not dead yet, try not to use it unless there’s no other alternative.

Also about the grenade launcher, it only has 2x (not bad, not great either) so it is best that you should choose wisely which GL to use to fit the purpose. It’s best that you use a launcher with good firepower and fast reload to intercept torpedoes.


The CN Type 054B is a dangerous anti-submarine seeker with an impressive torpedo and boasts an agile profile to do such operations. It is also capable enough to deal damage to other types of vessels too.

However, like some frigates, its anti-air capability does lag behind, even with the HHQ-16F. This requires the 054B to avoid prolonged aircraft exposure to reduce damage received. Otherwise, the ship will turn into scrap metal very fast.

Still, if ignored, the ship can be a bane to the submarines, and otherwise a formidable foe in the distance. Plus, with the frequent peek and strike or ambush usage, it’ll be a dangerous foe that might not matter much at first but might be a deciding factor in the match if you do not account for it.